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Sana is an AI-powered learning platform that empowers organizations to find, share, and harness the knowledge they need to achieve their missions. Pioneering companies such as Electrolux, Kry/Livi, Merck, and Svea Solar use Sana to scale and enhance everything from compliance and leadership training to sales enablement and employee onboarding. Backed by some of the world’s leading investors, operators, and founders, Sana has raised $80M since its founding in 2016. The company’s headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in London and New York.

Sana is the first consumer-grade corporate learning platform that lets organizations truly unleash the knowledge of their organizations by empowering anyone to create high-quality content with smart AI-powered suggestions.

Sana differentiate versus competition by providing
– Consumer-grade user experience drives engagement and satisfaction of users
– Real-time, collaborative, and AI-powered editor accelerates and drives higher quality of content creation
– Purpose-built virtual classroom that drives improved engagement and better analytics
– AI-powered search and assistant streamlines access to content with ChatGPT-like search experience, and powerful content generation and task automation

Key features:
– Create: Build engaging live and self-paced learning experiences together in minutes, with the help of AI.
– Search: An intelligent search engine for all your company’s knowledge.
– Learn: Save employees time, increase engagement, and boost knowledge retention.
– Live: Smooth, interactive, and inclusive virtual instructor led learning.
– Manage: Organize the chaos with smart automations and clarify the impact with intuitive analytics.


Automate the user synch between HiBob and Sana and enrich the data with custom user attributes
– Eliminate the need for duplicate data entries, mitigate possible human error, and automate removal of user accounts
– Enrich user meta data with user attributes to build powerful automations and streamline reporting
– Save valuable time and focus on your core workflows

The integration between HiBob and Sana automatically synchs users from HiBob to Sana, and adds custom user attributes. The integration provisions and decommissions users, meaning that the need for duplicate data entries is removed, and data is always up to date in Sana. The integration is API based.

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