Partner Overview

Quinyx is a global leading AI-Powered workforce management software that helps businesses simplify and automate scheduling, forecasting, task management, time reporting, communication, compliance, employee engagement, payroll, and more.

Quinyx is a Global Workforce Management solution that empowers the workforce in service industries to help people and businesses grow. Today, Quinyx helps more than 1000 + companies around the world to optimise schedules with AI forecasting and task management to make time reporting more efficient, reduce costs, stay compliant and engage with employees.

No matter how complex your scheduling and labour needs, Quinyx will give you the power to solve them in a simple, stress-free mobile and web system.

Key features:

  • AI Labour Optimisation
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Strategic Labour Planning
  • Time and Attendance
  • Analytics

With Quinyx you can support complex scheduling and local compliance needs, fully synced with HiBob’s friendly global HRIS. Provision employees with ease, and keep data up to date.

This is a one way provisioning integration, from Bob into Quinyx. This integration offers full self serve data mapping of all relevant fields between the two integrations.



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