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Meet Pento, an automated payroll solution that comes with reliable support from payroll experts. Automate everything from salary calculations to HMRC payments and run payroll in minutes, not weeks.

– Reduce payroll admin, remove manual work, take control of your payroll, and make your entire payroll process more efficient.

– Automate everything from salary and tax calculations to payments. No more double-checks, no more manual calculations.

– Edit your payroll until the night before payday. No cut-offs, no deadlines.



Integrate HiBob and Pento and forget about the double entries. Don’t take our word for it! Hundreds of People teams across companies like Capital on Tap, Kriya (formerly MarketFinance), Redkite, Doddle, Tessian, Carwow, and many more love the seamless flow of employee and payroll data between HiBob and Pento. Easy to set up, real-time syncs, payslips pushed to HiBob, detailed sync logs, deep data sync – there’s no better integration in the market that connects your HiBob data to payroll.


Real-time sync

Pento and HiBob sync in real-time to ensure consistent information across your HR and payroll systems.

Employee information sync

Personal information, bank details, and compensation data is shared with Pento. You can also exclude certain employees from syncing to Pento.

Automated salary calculations

Pro-rata auto-calculated based on joining date and payday. Pento will also adjust any of the NI and PAYE information based on any salary changes.

Send employee tax-related docs to HiBob

Send payslips, P45s, P60s, P11Ds and pension letters directly to HiBob. Provide an employee portal with all the documents in one place, right within HiBob, without any additional login.

Sync org structures from HiBob

Maintain a single source of truth in your HRIS and make journal reporting seamless. Sync your organisational structure for each employee from HiBob to Pento.

Sync holiday entitlement and parental leave dates from HiBob

Automate your entire leaver’s experience by syncing entitled holidays from HiBob. HiBob will calculate the accrued holiday balance, including defining the rounding and can include carryover days. Pento will then sync the holiday balance for terminating employees from your holiday policy in HiBob. With the integration, you can also sync parental leave dates directly from Pento.

Sync pay items from HiBob

Be it one-off pay items like an employee of the month award, annual bonus, or recurring pay items like phone bills or monthly sales commissions. If you track them in HiBob, you can send them to Pento automatically.

Define when your employees get added to the payroll

You can now choose when to move your new starters from HiBob to Pento.

– Move as soon as you add employees to HiBob; or

– Move monthly, i.e., Pento will not import employees until the month of their start date; or

– You can define a cut-off date, and any new starters after will be moved into the following month’s payroll.

Sync logs

Understand exactly how your integration works by getting a detailed log of data that’s synced and/or not synced from HiBob.

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