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Juno gives employees the choice and flexibility to decide what wellbeing means to them.Through the global platform, employees can access hundreds of products, services and experiences tailored to their needs. Juno takes the guesswork out of global benefits and helps companies make everybody happy at work.Juno is an all-in-one global perks and benefits platform. It’s the first platform to deliver truly global and personalised benefits and perks to employees.


Key features:

    • A global marketplace of perks and benefits serving employees in over 73 countries
    • Juno Points are the allowance given to employees to pick and choose what matters to them
    • Experiences and products from fitness, to mental health, to nutrition and subscriptions


Juno - 9F2B3C11-72DD-438B-9A68-224A92667E66-550x290.jpeg Juno - 49EDD4F7-02C9-42A4-9785-1CB2F607A00F-550x328.jpeg





HiBob customers can now finally provide benefits and perks to all of their employees, around the world.

HiBob customers can sign up to Juno through HiBob’s portal and sync their user-base.

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