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Deliver moments that matter.

Reachdesk is the only global, data-driven gifting platform that empowers companies to deliver moments that matter at scale. They help businesses build deeper connections with their prospects, customers, and employees by sending thoughtful, timely, and relevant gifts.

Reachdesk for People removes the logistical and administrative issues associated with gifting, enabling organizations to focus on attracting and retaining the best talent by building a culture of appreciation. They’ve truly harnessed the data-driven era of employee gifting, putting an end to guesswork, wasted budgets, geographical restrictions, and time-consuming manual tasks. You can deliver moments that matter to your employees – no matter where in the world they are based. And Reachdesk makes measuring the success of gifting easy and provides a global support network that guides you in planning and executing successful employee gifting strategies.


Key Features:

  • Secure the best talent – With a huge range of curated global marketplace vendors and eGift brands, Reachdesk for People makes it easy to send thoughtful gifts your people will want to shout about on their socials, boosting your employer brand.
  • Reduce attrition – Automated gifting makes it easy to send meaningful gifts to employees in the moments that matter, building better connections, boosting engagement, and helping you hold on to top talent.
  • Maximize employee experience – Use gifting to keep your people connected with your culture and vibe, you can help make sure dispersed and remote employees feel engaged and part of the team.
  • Deliver on DEI initiatives – Reachdesk for People supports your DEI initiatives by gifting to celebrate events such as Pride and International Women’s Day.
  • Do more with less – Reachdesk for People eliminates the manual, repeatable aspects of employee gifting enabling busy people teams to minimize their administrative burden and concentrate on strategic value-add work.


HiBob x Reachdesk:

Integrate Bob and Reachdesk to enable automated personalized employee gifting. With the integration, your employee data is always current and correct, making it easy to send direct mail to celebrate significant employee events like: onboarding swag, work anniversaries, gifts for a job well done, birthday celebrations and any other moments that matters to your organization.


You can easily setup gifting campaigns that are automatically triggered.

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