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Snappy is an award-winning gifting company with platforms that combine fun, personal experiences with advanced technology that take the guesswork out of gifting.

With more than 500,000 five-star reviews, Snappy has helped over 3,000 customers and has sent millions of gifts worldwide to employees, customers, and prospective customers. Automate your recognition programs by using real-time Bob data to build birthday, anniversary, or scheduled gifting campaigns for your teams. Your employees get to choose the gift they love the most! Each gifting campaign you build will include an expertly crafted Snappy collection of gifts for your team to choose from.

Make each moment even more magical with personalization options and digital gift reveals that are bound to make anyone smile!

Key features: 

  • Send personalized gifts and automate recognition efforts with real-time Bob data
  • Focus on building your programs, not ordering gifts and managing logistics
  • Use accurate HR data to create personalized gifting occasions like birthdays and work anniversaries
  • Deliver joy to specific team and office locations directly in the Snappy platform with your Bob data

Grow and simplify your Employee Appreciation and Employee Recognition programs by connecting HiBob with Snappy. Use up-to-date data to create automated gifting campaigns for occasions like Birthdays and Anniversaries with accurate employee information!

Simply connect with HiBob on the Snappy platform in a few verification steps. Once the platforms are connected, you can use HiBob data to choose people to send gifts to or use that information to create campaigns to send to specific departments, celebrate employee birthdays, recognize work anniversaries, and more!

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