Partner Overview

Engagedly stands out as an exceptional talent management platform, blending AI, automation, and gamification into its E3 platform, elevating organizational growth and employee potential. Rooted in extensive research and industry best practices, Engagedly empowers organizations to harmonize business strategy execution, talent enablement, and employee engagement, empowering organizations to cultivate high-performing teams and elevate employee satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Performance Reviews
  • 360 Degree Feedback & Multi-rater
  • OKR/Goal Alignment
  • Online Learning (LXP)
  • Growth Hub IDP
  • Real-time Feedback
  • E10 Engagement Survey
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Gamification
  • Team Pulse


The integration between HiBob and Engagedly allows organizations to synchronize employee data between the two systems, enabling a seamless HR and performance management workflow. With this integration, HR professionals can easily access employee data from HiBob within Engagedly, eliminating the need for manual data entry or import/export processes.

Key Integration Details:

  • Connection Type – API
  • Data flow – HiBob to Engagedly
  • Sync type – Manual/Automatic
  • Sync Frequency – On demand
  • What data is transferred – Employee Changes, New Hires, and Terminations.

How to Connect:

Integrating HiBob with Engagedly requires active accounts on both platforms, service user credentials, and field mapping to ensure data consistency.

  1. You initiate the integration by contacting Engagedly support, who will validate the prerequisites and configure the connection.
  2. Engagedly’s engineering team maps HiBob fields to Engagedly, and once complete, new HiBob employees will automatically sync to Engagedly using the APIs provided by HiBob.

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