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15five is the platform transforming performance management. We help HR teams turn their managers into effective drivers of employee performance, engagement and retention by creating psychologically safe work environments to foster transparency, manager-employee relationships, and continuous improvement.

15Five stands out as a human-centered platform rooted in evidence-based methodologies inspired by the latest Positive Psychology research. Our unique features provide a holistic solution, promoting clear communication, goal visibility, and organization-wide alignment. Ideal for remote teams, we foster connection, accountability, and performance through coaching, professional development, training, and a global community. Elevate your workplace with 15Five to empower your people, drive results, and transform teams in impactful ways.

Key features:

  • Turn engagement insights into performance outcomes

Tap into the pulse of your organization with our evidence-based assessment and easy-to-use analysis tools. Quickly find out what’s working and not working in your organization. Then, take action by giving managers and employees tried-and-tested tools to drive engagement outcomes.

  • Maximize performance

Measure performance and inspire growth with our modern, multifaceted approach to performance reviews. Our intuitive solution helps managers to measure, support and elevate their team’s performance. Designed to make talent decisions based on a 360 view of the employee.

  • Gain organizational alignment and super-engaged teams

We make OKRs and goal setting easier than ever. Clarify and track the top objectives for everyone across your organization. Actionable insights and planning tools inspire everyone to move forward together.

  • Upskill your managers

Through team-based insights, and flexible manager training and coaching, turn managers into leaders who know how to drive performance, retention and employee engagement.

  • Showcase strategic HR impact

Collect, analyze, and act on the data that matters most to the rest of the C-suite – all in one place! Go to your next board meeting, leadership call, or status update with easy-to-use, objective results that tie HR programs to business results.

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The 15Five and HiBob integration offers a simple setup and configuration, visibility around what data is coming over, and automatic sync every 24 hours, it’s never been easier to ensure accurate, up-to-date employee data across your platforms.

The purpose of our integration is to allow employee data to flow from HiBob to 15Five, enabling real-time employee data synchronization and automatic updates. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors that can occur when data is entered multiple times into different systems.

With the integration you can:

  • Automatically provision/deprovision users
  • Sync employee data from your HRIS to 15Five
  • Preview and select groups and group types to sync from your HRIS to 15Five
  • Bring over almost any field from your HRIS as a custom attribute in 15Five
  • View a detailed history of syncs
  • View detailed troubleshooting instructions to help you easily identify and resolve issues

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