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Breezy HR

Breezy HR is a modern recruiting tool to simplify your hiring process. From advertising jobs to making offers, get everything you need to attract and hire the best employees — sooner.

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About Breezy

  1. Attract top candidates: Breezy helps get your openings in front of more candidates. Create a custom career portal for your own website and advertise your open positions on top job sites automatically.
  2. Automate screening and admin tasks: Customizable tools help you focus on hiring instead of tedious, repetitive tasks. Automate pre-screening, messaging, scheduling, and even collecting feedback from your team.
  3. Simplify position and candidate management: Breezy’s customizable pipelines let you organize candidates into stages with a simple drag & drop. A clean, actionable view of each candidate makes it simple to evaluate and communicate.
  4. Collaborate with your hiring team: Stay on track with candidate and position-specific tasks, plus candidate notes, team discussion, and custom scorecards. Compare candidates side-by-side using feedback from each member of your hiring team.
  5. Streamline your offer and onboarding process: Create an offer approval process that works for your team. Plus, manage offer documents and signatures right alongside candidates’ info and move new hires into your HiBob automatically.
  6. Track and improve your hiring process: Built-in tools automate and simplify the process of staying compliant with EEOC/OFCCP and GDPR. Use real-time recruiting analytics to optimize everything, from pipeline performance to team productivity.

Breezy + Bob: better together.

With Breezy’s HiBob integration, you can create new hires from saved candidate info. Add candidates to HiBob with one click, or even automatically!

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