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Everything Compliance, all in one place. anecdotes reshapes the way the cloud-powered world thinks about security Compliance, transforming it from a box-ticking exercise into a powerful driver of growth for scale-ups, publicly traded companies, and everything in between.


With the ability to customize your program and a focus on data, the anecdotes Compliance OS has set a new standard for security Compliance, completely transforming the way it is done. As opposed to limited prescriptive and workflow-driven Compliance tools, the anecdotes Compliance OS enables companies to fully address various Compliance challenges in one single data-powered workspace. By relying on data pulled directly from the company’s tech stack, and with advanced automation and management capabilities, the anecdotes Compliance OS enables companies to eliminate time consuming manual work and remove dependencies. Using the OS, companies can monitor their risk, manage audits, build trust, and gain a full view of their Compliance and risk posture, all in one place.


Key features:

  • Automated evidence collection and mapping: Effortlessly collect evidence from SaaS tools and cloud environments, which is automatically mapped to all relevant controls.
  • Compliance posture and framework management: Proactively monitor your Compliance posture, and manage audits in a shared workspace, cutting down on back-and-forth, closing gaps earlier, and finishing audits faster.
  • Policy management: Organize and maintain the policy lifecycle with configuration and automation of the approval process.
  • Risk management: Define, assess, and monitor risks based on real data, by connecting Compliance controls to different risks.
  • Customization: From evidence to controls to frameworks, customize your Compliance and Risk programs end-to-end to suit your ever-changing needs.



The anecdotes Compliance OS integrates seamlessly to HiBob, automatically extracting HR data artifacts to be used for strengthening the organization’s Security Compliance posture and meeting various Compliance requirements.


Depending on stakeholders for evidence and collecting that evidence manually, turns security Compliance into a resource-heavy and frustrating process. The anecdotes HiBob integration allows customers to automatically collect evidence such as Company onboarding processes, Employee position changes, Employee training reports and others, and to leverage that data for numerous Security Compliance needs.


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