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Mental Health at Work: From Awareness to Action

LocationShoreditch Treehouse, 34 Charlotte Road, EC2A 3PB

The world of work is changing. With the rise of new demands among the workforce and the push for greater transparency that’s being made possible by HR digitization, an enjoyable work experience is no longer a bonus: it’s a must-have. An essential step for prioritizing engagement is focusing on wellness.

As Mental Health Awareness Week is approaching, we want to provide you with the tools you need to focus on wellness at work.

In this workshop, you will:

• Learn to spot the triggers and effects of stress

• Recognise the symptoms of burnout

• Understand what mental health and wellbeing is and identify the key factors that affect mental health and wellbeing at work

• Learn to spot the early signs of someone reaching crisis at work and gain the confidence to take positive action

• Learn and develop practical ways to support personal mental health

• Leave the workshop with practical workplace mental health approaches and the tools you need to build the business case for Workplace Wellbeing interventions

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