Modern HR tech for modern business

If it’s increasingly difficult to manage your HR tasks, it’s a sure sign that your company is growing.

Whether you’ve realised that Excel sheets aren’t the best way for HR to onboard and manage your people, or you’ve outgrown your existing system, there’s a better way. Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), also called Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), were designed to help you manage your company’s growth and team members.

But not all HR solutions are built alike. Global, growing businesses require a flexible system to meet the specific needs of today and help make a successful company in the future.

“The things you look for in a system like this is the flexibility is the part that excites me the most. Sometimes someone on the team asks can Bob do this? And I’m like, yes it can. Let me figure out how, but I know it will be able to. And I think just the way we’ve been able to build on it, exactly what we need, how we need it, its often little experiences for people that I can build into the platform.”
Kirsti GrantVP People Experience at Auror

When comparing HiBob to ELMO, ask these five questions to discover which HRIS best fits your business.

1. Can ELMO provide long-term flexibility?

No two businesses are alike, and your unique organization needs flexible HR technology to help solve the challenges you’ll face as your company grows and changes.

Most HR leaders look for a new HRIS because they have outgrown the Excel or legacy systems. Having the flexibility to change any of these systems as your company grows ensures long-term success.

Check if ELMO can solve your business needs over the next 12 months.

  • Is its core HR functionality customisable to your needs now and in the future?
  • Can it scale with your business to handle hundreds or thousands of employees?
  • Does it support the use of multiple calendars with local national and religious holidays?
  • Can you schedule the production of daily, weekly, or monthly customisable reports?
  • Can it securely store confidential personal information and let you quickly find it?
  • Are there professional services to customise, implement and launch the platform for all to use?

They call it modern HR tech for a reason

HiBob focuses on building the best HR platform for modern, growing, mid-market companies in Australia, New Zealand, and globally. 

Bob is exceptionally flexible and lets you customise it according to your business’s specific needs with minimal assistance from tech support or professional services. Bob’s ability to handle non-hierarchical organizational structures, such as project teams, makes it easy to manage your people as you quickly grow from a startup to a global enterprise.

With Bob’s out-of-the-box integrations for your ATS, LMS, and Payroll vendors in the local and global market, you will have a product that continues to evolve and improve at a continuous rate. 

Time and attendance is easier with Bob's automated workflows and onboarding
Stay true to your organization’s needs by choosing a flexible HRIS

2. Can ELMO maximise your employee experience?

The role of HR is no longer about headcount and managing human capital. HR leaders need to build a company culture that engages and retains employees and fosters relationships and commitment in today’s employment landscape.

Check if ELMO will maximise your employee experience.

  • Does the UX have an engaging social media look and feel?
  • Can you fully customise the onboarding workflow for each location, department, and role?
  • Can you give public recognition to employees to make them feel valued?
  • Does it give you a holistic and historical view of peoples’ activities?
  • Does it offer hobby groups and clubs to help people build social connections? 

Bob does it all–remarkable employee experience

Bob is designed to put people first instead of merely tracking or managing human resources. With its social media look and feel, Bob empowers employees, connects them to your company culture, and maximises their employee experience. 

HiBob creates a great employee experience

Bob offers a user-friendly UI that builds and strengthens company culture and brings people together to create meaningful professional and social relationships—whether they work in the office or at home. From creating personal social media-style profiles to sharing company news and acknowledging achievements with Kudos posts or Shoutouts, Bob offers a holistic company view that motivates employees and keeps them feeling good about their company and their contribution.

Bob’s Your Voice feature complies with whistleblower protection regulations with an anonymous reporting and management toolkit inside the platform. Employees can feel free to share any concerns in Your Voice with complete assurance that their message and identity will be kept anonymous.

“One of the more innovative HCM platforms is Bob. Bob is designed as a management platform first and an HR platform second. Its entire design is focused on what information managers, employees, and executives need. The company is growing rapidly (1,600-plus customers), and it represents a new approach to core HR, one which I believe every major vendor will have to address.”
Josh BersinHR tech industry analyst
Say hi to HRIS that maximizes your employee experience

3. Can ELMO help grow your global, or remote teams?

In today’s world of work, business opportunities and talent are often located across multiple offices and locations worldwide. Local or global expansion is one of the keys to business success. However, it can be overwhelming for HR leaders to manage. There needs to be a way to handle different holidays, abide by local laws and time zones, and communicate effectively with a more diverse workforce.

Check if ELMO can help you grow your remote or global teams.

  • Does it offer holiday calendars and time-off policies for multiple countries? (Yes, Bob is compliant in Australia and New Zealand!)
  • Can you get local support across multiple time zones?
  • Does it offer specific news feeds for each office and country?
  • Can it be customised for local best practices or customs?
  • Is tech support available at least 16 hours a day, six days a week, and not just in Australian or New Zealand time zones?
  • Can you engage with both in-office and remote employees?
  • Does it support hybrid work policies?

Bob does it all–grow your organisation

Bob is designed as a global platform that supports the non-traditional organisational structures that characterise today’s modern world of work. Supporting in-house and remote teams in multiple countries while tracking multiple holiday calendars, time-off policies, and currencies is a breeze. Bob delivers a total view across the business with customisable workflows and fields that let you easily adapt to meet local needs and best practices.

Grow your global and remote teams with HiBob HR platform
Say hi to HRIS that scales HR globally

4. Can ELMO get you live in 35 days and continue to support your success?

Understanding the implementation process your HRIS provider will offer is fundamental to selecting the right vendor. HiBob has experience implementing close to 3,000 customers across the globe in 100 countries. Modern companies should have an agile and customisable approach to implementation that allows them to realise value and use of the system quickly – why wait 3, 6, or even 12 months while paying for licensing fees when you can go live quickly with Bob?

Bob gets you up and running–quickly

Ask our partners at ASX-listed company, Novatti, how we implemented Bob in just 35 days, supporting over 200 employees in multiple regions and countries.

With our Australian-based professional services, support, and account management team, you work with experienced local professionals to implement your project quickly.

Bob is also pre-configured with out-of-the-box reports, surveys, and onboarding flows, so once your data is uploaded, you can start using the system while iteratively customising your needs. We aim to be agile and get the system in your hands, so you see value quickly. 

“The information that was provided, the system, the customization was a big one, and then also the fact that we can drive everything ourselves. We don’t have to continue to go back to help desk or support to get small changes. We can build everything, we can do everything ourselves. Also, it was the culture piece. We don’t have Slack. We’re still not sure whether we’re going to have Slack or not. But Bob still enables us to have that continuous open communication with our team members.”
Abbey GladyszHuman Resources Manager, Novatti Group

5. Does ELMO empower managers and employees to be more productive and engaged?

When remote and hybrid work became the new normal, employee empowerment became an operational imperative for HR teams. Employees needed to become autonomous and work on their own time and tasks, while managers needed to connect and engage with their teams to promote collaboration and discussions. The right HR platform should facilitate productivity and engagement between HR, managers, and employees, regardless of location.

Check if ELMO empowers managers and employees with productivity and collaboration tools.

  • Can employees get information about the work status and location of colleagues and peers?
  • Does it offer a native mobile app with the functionality most frequently used by employees and managers?
  • Do employees have a place to go to feel connected to company goals, take part in the culture, and see that their work matters?
  • Do managers have access to 1:1 meeting templates that ease the burden of routine processes like onboarding, career growth, and performance reviews?
  • Can managers set up departmental goals for their team members that link to company KPIs?
  • Do managers have timely information and reports about their team’s time-off status?
  • Do managers have attrition indicators to gauge and understand the turnover risk of their direct reports?

Bob does it all–manager and employee empowerment

Bob helps HR teams tap into the power of collaboration. Employees and managers have one centralised platform for all.

Employees stay informed and engaged with Bob’s social media-like homepage. Go to the people directory for the lay of the land with hierarchy and relationships between people, teams, and departments. Find out more about your colleagues using Club View and sort by hobbies, nationality, gender pronouns, and location. 

Bob’s mobile app is available on the go to stay up to date and efficient from any location, at any time. Drive engagement and bring remote and hybrid workers together with access to all company communications. Empower efficiency by enabling employees to easily perform HR actions straight from the mobile app.

Collaborate efficiently between managers and employees

Why choose HiBob over other HRIS solutions?

When comparing Bob to any other HR platform, it’s clear that Bob is the right choice for dynamic and fast-growing companies.

Bob’s culture tools connect employees worldwide, creating a great employee experience—wherever your people are.

  • Bob puts people first with culture tools that connect in-house and remote employees.
  • Use the mobile app on the go for a seamless HR experience
  • Unique and innovative UI has a distinctly non-technical, fun, social media feel.
  • More enjoyable and intuitive to use than other HRIS solutions.
  • Bob creates a welcoming environment that inspires people to build great working relationships and keeps them connected to the company, whether they work in a corporate office or a home office.
  • Unlike other systems, Bob’s implementation and daily usage are intuitive and don’t require hard coding or technical knowledge.

HiBob recognises that some of the most painful company processes for employees can be related to HR tasks.

  • Bob’s UI, automated processes, and integrations with leading third-party tools ease administrative tasks for everyone across the organisation.
  • Bob makes even the most mundane work tasks pleasant, intuitive, and engaging
  • It’s not just for HR admins, but for the whole company: managers, employees, leaders, everyone!

Download the PDF here to get a checklist of the questions.