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From Wall Street to Old Street

hibob welcomes Lady Barbara Judge as Chairman We are incredibly proud to announce that Lady Barbara Judge is joining hibob to Chair our board of directors. Having started her career as a lawyer, Lady Judge quickly became the first ever female partner of a Law Firm on Wall Street, Head of the SEC, and today is seen as a huge supporter & advocate of UK business with her role as Chairman of the Institute of Directors and as ambassador for UKTI. Lady Barbara has also just finished her tenure as…

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Feature Release: Time Off

Time Off is the part of bob that helps you manage all your holiday and other leave & absence requests. It’s where you go to book your holiday, see who else is out of the office, and report in sick. It’s also where admins and managers go to approve or decline Time Off requests, and where they can report a team member in sick if they need to. Want to jump straight in and try Time Off for yourself? Click here to log in or set up a trial Why…

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Launching bob to the world

So today we launch and of course I find myself doing last minute tweaks to our new shiny new website before it goes live, and I hate what I’ve written in our About Us section. OMG I can write some bollocks when I want to, and I don't notice until I read it again later. So I just sat down and rewrote this: Introducing us Who is 'us'? We are 40 people who love technology, love building technology and, most of all, love building technology to change things for the better. We saw…

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Pour the tea

There are a few things in my work life that have had a big impact on how I treat other people, and this human leadership experience is one of them: When I was in my late twenties, I was running a small property investment business with a friend and had a meeting with a building society based in Scotland. A boardroom encounter We went up to their head office for a meeting with the Chief Executive and five other senior folks. The Chief Exec was a guy in his late…

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After a number of years working in the tech space with some great people, I began to have a love/hate relationship with the concept of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). According to Techopedia, the definition of MVP is "a development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. The final, complete set of features is only designed and developed after considering feedback from the product's initial users". Reasons to love the MPV So why do I love it? Firstly, everything about an…

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Up (blog) Periscope! - UNSPLASH-GUY-1-e1459850299617-1.jpeg

Up (blog) Periscope!

Today we lift our head above water... To be honest I was quite enjoying ‘stealth mode’. It forgives lots of sins, and ‘flies under the radar’, you could say - but no, now is the time to lift our head above the water and begin to tell our story. ...or rather to tease our story in our shiny new blog.  How it began Last summer four of us got together with a simple vision to use technology to sort all the huge pains and inefficiencies that exist around the management…

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Welcome to bob

Hi! Welcome to bob. Here’s five quick things that our customers say they love about bob and that can help you make the most of the tool: Everything is in one place No complicated spreadsheets lost in servers - all your information is held securely in the cloud for easy access, wherever you are. Visible culture People aren’t just numbers locked in cells, locked in spreadsheets. Culture is everything in business. You don’t just join a company, you join a set of clubs - like the bike club, or the…

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