How to foster bully-free and healthy work environments for your employees - Fostering-healthy-work-environments-free-of-bullying-_-Global-image.png

How to foster bully-free and healthy work environments for your employees

I would like to discuss one of the most influential factors on employee mental health in modern office settings: workplace bullying. Once regarded as incidents that only took place on school playgrounds, bullying now runs rampant in offices and other workspaces, leading to a high negative financial impact for companies. According to Forbes, workplace bullying costs the U.S. economy an estimated $360 billion annually due to high turnover and diminished work productivity. Research conducted by, the global employment service, found that 90 percent of workers have been bullied at…

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5 ways to boost your team’s morale - remote-how-tos_04_Global-image.jpg

5 ways to boost your team’s morale

Remote team management comes with its own set of challenges, but long days spent at home can lead to feelings of disconnect and isolation. Many remote workers are finding their morale drop as remote work becomes the new normal. No wonder! Working from home non-stop, 7 am-7 pm can be the physical equivalent of sitting on a long-haul flight every day, minus the effects of altitude. Morale drives productivity and engagement among team members. When morale is high, the company and department can thrive. And managers need to ensure their…

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How managers can help their team switch off from remote work - remote-how-tos_03_Global-image.jpg

How managers can help their team switch off from remote work

When your home is your office, there's no natural divide between work and home life. Team leaders and managers are struggling to establish boundaries that support the wellbeing of their entire team, end unpaid overtime hours, and dismantle the current culture demanding employees be constantly online or available. The root of the problem In a recent survey conducted by Slack of more than 2,000 UK employees, they found 40% of employees battled with blurred lines between personal and professional life. Additionally, 38% were unable to unplug from the “always on”…

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amazing remote work cultures

8 tech companies with amazing remote work cultures

The pandemic has changed many things—especially the realities of working from home. Take a cue from these 8 tech companies that have gone all-in on remote work and created inspiring cultures in the process.

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How to brainstorm remotely

How managers can brainstorm with their teams

Pre-pandemic, when we relied on a traditional office environment, brainstorming with colleagues meant getting in front of a whiteboard and jotting down ideas or lively brainstorming exercises to get everyone thinking creatively. This free-flowing exchange of ideas is harder to master in a remote setting. If your organization is new to remote working, don't assume all team members know how to brainstorm virtually.  "Effective brainstorming is about clear context, a safe space for unexpected ideas, and emphasis on quantity over quality," advises Bruno Bergher, VP Product at Gladly. As a…

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Working across time zones

HR best practices for working across time zones

Navigating different time zones is an inescapable reality for the workforce right now. Here's how to preserve collaboration and keep communication alive and effective, no matter where your team is located.

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Cassiopeia joins Hibob

Cassiopeia joins Hibob, providing tools to support flexible work models

We're thrilled to announce an exciting addition to the Hibob family. Cassiopeia’s advanced technology will be added to the stack of features in the bob platform, giving thousands of companies the tools they need to maximize collaboration and team potential.

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