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Hibob expands operations in Benelux and the Nordics

HR tech startup HiBob expands operations in Benelux and the Nordics with the opening of a new office in Amsterdam Focused on delivering its HR tech suite to modern, mid-sized multi-location businesses, Hibob expands in Benelux and the Nordics following rapid client growth in the region. 12 October 7, 2021, Amsterdam  –  Hibob – the company behind 'bob', the HR platform that is changing the work experience for fast-growing, mid-sized businesses and their employees opens European headquarters in Amsterdam.  After years of success in Benelux and the Nordics, HiBob is…

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Hibob launches Australian Operations - Hibob-launches-Australian-Operations_sharing-image-e1633585174410.png

Hibob launches Australian Operations

7 October 2021, Tel Aviv, Sydney - Hibob, creator of the world’s leading workplace experience product suite Bob, announces its launch in the Australian market. The business, which has existing offices in the US, UK, and EMEA, has identified a significant opportunity to support modern, mid-sized Australian companies and to work with local leadership teams to develop and enhance their people engagement and culture strategies, reduce churn and increase productivity by reducing the administrative burden of HR in the highly competitive local talent market. Hibob has appointed Damien Andreasen as…

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Plan your back-to-the-office strategy using this survey template

To plan our return to the office, we need the support of our people. The post-COVID return is an emotional issue, touching on family, health, and mental wellness. To understand how your people feel and what they need while maintaining confidentiality, we recommend using surveys: private, anonymous, and honest.  Using surveys, you can keep your finger on the pulse without putting people on the spot. Your back-to-work survey can include open-ended questions to encourage more open and nuanced communication, in addition to Likert scale and multiple-choice questions. To help you…

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How the aftermath of COVID-19 can impact company culture for the better - returning-workplace-after-covid-19_-Blog-img.png

How the aftermath of COVID-19 can impact company culture for the better

Around the world, we are watching the COVID-19 pandemic curve becoming flat.  Most of us are working remotely, exercising from home, teaching our children from home, and having family dinners over video conferencing. But we are still waiting to be able not to do so. We are anxiously waiting to go back to the office and school, get on a plane to travel, and go out. We are hoping this circumstance will be over sooner rather than later.  At the same time, we are also afraid that getting back to…

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5 tips for becoming a great Chief HR/People Officer - Be-the-best-CHRO-you-can-be-5-TIPS-big-wins_-Blog-img.png

5 tips for becoming a great Chief HR/People Officer

Long gone are the days when HR was a company’s glorified complaints department. Talent, both attracting and keeping it, are widely viewed as a company’s top priority. That’s the reason that the importance of HR has skyrocketed. And as Chief HR Officer (also sometimes known as CPO, Chief People Officer) of your company, optimizing your people’s workplace experience—keeping them engaged and motivated—is job #1.  CHRO’s work is never done. Sometimes, getting HR right can be overwhelming. The good news is that there are a few quick things you can do…

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Building your company culture remotely: Help employees thrive from home - main-image-blog-event_building-remote-culture2-1.png

Building your company culture remotely: Help employees thrive from home

The world of work has changed—quickly, and probably forever. We’re creating new best practices for this “new normal” every day, and one of our big struggles is how to block out the noise and thrive in this new working environment. HR teams are working hard to adjust to a world where employees are across cities, not desks, especially in a time of crisis. Watch our webinar to see how can you support employees and their families during a pandemic. Listen to how can you maintain productivity while working remotely and…

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Beyond personnel: top HR budgeting strategies - Managing-for-HR-Blog-post.png

Beyond personnel: top HR budgeting strategies

More and more traditional HR tasks are becoming automated or outsourced. As a result, today’s top HR heads are in a serious period of change—evolving from largely operational roles to strategic business partners. To stay relevant, human resources specialists need to grow their skill set and become experts in implementing their companies’ overall business strategy.  Here are some innovative ideas to keep in mind as you start building your strategic HR plan and budget. Use KPIs to play the long game HR needs to align its specific departmental goals for…

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HR solutions need to support diverse teams - Same-experience-different-site-Blog-post-1.png

HR solutions need to support diverse teams

Building diverse and inclusive teams is a challenge for all scaling companies. Building diversity and inclusion processes across multiple sites is even harder. While companies employing HR leaders may already be working with HR systems supporting multiple sites, that’s not necessarily true for smaller organizations. The lack of flexibility and personalization that are unfortunate hallmarks of traditional HR solutions make it nearly impossible for growing companies to support multiple sites—and multiple cultures. The new, globalized world of work needs tools that transcend borders. We need multi-time-zone calendars, workflows built to…

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Preboarding: What is it and why is it important? - lets-talk-onboarding_-Blog-img.png

Preboarding: What is it and why is it important?

In our rapidly evolving workplace, HR has been forced to develop a whole new language: one that accurately reflects all of our increasingly complicated roles and work conditions. When it comes to hiring, one of the words in this new vocabulary that you should be keeping top of mind is “preboarding.”In an era when employee engagement is everything, a crucial way to set yourself apart from the competition is a well-planned (and implemented) preboarding program. Wait. What’s preboarding? You know what onboarding is and when it happens. Preboarding is the step…

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How HR can best help its people cope with COVID-19 - Coping-with-wfh-and-covid-19-Blog-post.png

How HR can best help its people cope with COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has become a global crisis. The societal and business upheaval being wrought by the pandemic is unprecedented. Worst of all, the number of people infected and fatalities are expected to climb.  One major ramification of COVID-19 is that it’s forcing people to work from home in record numbers. But working remotely, often in isolation, can trigger intense fear, panic, even a sense of impending doom.  This is why proactive HR teams are working late into the night to address the very real concerns of their team members.…

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How parents can both homeschool and be productive employees - Parent-power-Blog-post.png

How parents can both homeschool and be productive employees

It seems like the world of work has changed in a month. It’s safe to say that this period, with COVID19 floating in the air and most of the workforce either furloughed or working from home, is universally challenging. But especially for parents. Those brave individuals raising children are increasingly being thrust into the chaos of trying to balance their remote work responsibilities with caring for and homeschooling their children. Most governments around the world have shuttered their educational institutions in an attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus,…

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