Metrics that matter (workforce planning)

12 metrics for measuring workforce planning

Workforce planning is the cornerstone of any good recruitment plan. Understanding how to translate organizational needs into new hires is the best way to guarantee a strong team with high-quality hires and low attrition rates. To help you understand how successful your plans are and what you should be working on improving for the future, we’ve put together a list of 12 metrics that will give you insight and guidance into your workforce planning process’ effectiveness. Headcount Attrition Bench strength Quality of hire Retention rate Career path ratio Tenure distribution…

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HR leader Kate James on productivity and performance in a pandemic - QA-with-an-HR-expert-Kate-James-Blog-post.png

HR leader Kate James on productivity and performance in a pandemic

Kate James, Head of People Operations at Curve, has been working hard at keeping employees engaged, productive, and performing, even in the midst of a global pandemic. She shared her tips and ideas and ideas with us on: Performance management without micromanagingAvoiding Zoom fatigueWhat we can learn from Netflix about managing teams Hibob: How do you measure productivity without creating a “big brother” feeling among your employees when you’re all working from home? Kate James: It’s been a relatively easy transition because even before Corona we had practices in place…

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HR leader Dana Barzilay on flexibility and sensitivity in the new normal - QA-with-an-HR-expert-Dana-Barzilay-Blog-post.png

HR leader Dana Barzilay on flexibility and sensitivity in the new normal

Dana Barzilay, CHRO at Cyberbit, shared with us her insights on effectively managing people as the new normal of a COVID-19 world sets in. The key, according to Barzilay, is to listen and be sensitive: to meet employees where they are; communicate in new, creative ways, and highlight elements of people’s lives outside of work. Hibob: How do you handle sensitive discussions at work, like differing opinions about COVID and mask-wearing? Dana Barzilay: When it comes to COVID-19 and mask-wearing, we are following local regulations for each of our sites.…

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5 tips for transitioning your compensation management process to HR tech - 5-smart-compensation-management-tips-Blog-post.png

5 tips for transitioning your compensation management process to HR tech

Compensation management is one of the most important parts of people management—and the stakes are high. One misdirected email and you’re toast. When discretion is of utmost importance and there’s no room for error, you need to make sure you’re working with tools that keep your information safe, organized, and error-free. That’s why spreadsheets are a no-go for compensation management. To run something as tricky as compensation management, you need HR tech. It’s not easy to transition legacy processes, though—we know it takes thought and effort. Use the following five…

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A metric that matters (bradford factor)

Metrics that matter: the Bradford Factor

The cost of absenteeism is high. Whether it’s resulting from employee burnout, lack of motivation, or just really nice weather outside, if your people are choosing to ditch work, then your organization is in trouble. The Bradford Factor is a specific type of absenteeism measurement. Based on the theory that shorter, more frequent absences are more detrimental to the organization than longer, less frequent ones, the Bradford Factor measures absenteeism per-employee by duration and frequency. Let’s get into: measuring the Bradford Factor, what could be causing a high Bradford Factor,…

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3 templates for compassionate job candidate rejection emails - Rejection-email-templates-Blog-post.png

3 templates for compassionate job candidate rejection emails

While we search for the highest-quality hires, we’re going to meet some other great (and not-so-great) candidates along the way. For that one new hire, there are going to be others—maybe a few, maybe a few thousand—who aren’t going to land the role. Especially when dealing with high-traffic job posts, writing involved rejection letters can be time-consuming. That’s why it’s so tempting to send an easy form email—or, when it gets really overwhelming, not to answer at all. But to help candidates improve—and hopefully want to stay in our pipelines—we…

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6 tips for supporting employees through the second wave (and beyond) - 6-tips-for-supporting-employees-through-covid-19-_-Blog-img.png

6 tips for supporting employees through the second wave (and beyond)

It’s been over six months since the whisperings about COVID-19 began, and what may have been up for debate then is now widely accepted: COVID-19 is here to stay, and so is the “new normal” it’s enforced upon the workplace. Many companies have announced plans to keep their workforce remote through 2021, and employees who are returning to the office are finding a very different environment than the one they left.  This reality will impact employees’ motivation, emotional wellbeing, and productivity, if it hasn’t already. Companies need to respond, and…

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A metric that matters (eNPS)

What does eNPS mean and why is it so important for recruiting?

Are your employees happy? How do you know? Many of us are grateful to have jobs right now—but that doesn’t mean we’re happy where we are. While we might be happy that we’re employed, it doesn’t mean we’d want our friends to join us in our daily slog. That’s why measuring your company’s eNPS score is so important. Employee net promoter score (eNPS) is a metric that assesses employees’ job satisfaction by measuring their willingness to recommend their company to others. If your employees want their friends to hop on…

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Talking flower seeds and vacation days with CHRO Ian Minchell - QA-with-an-HR-expert-Ian-Minchell-Blog-post.png

Talking flower seeds and vacation days with CHRO Ian Minchell

Ian Minchell is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Sohonet, a private network company based in Hollywood and London. Sohonet supports major studios like Disney, MGM, and Universal with a file storage distribution and collaboration network that allows them to make movies. Thanks to tools like Sohonet’s, movie-making hasn’t come to a complete halt during the pandemic—and neither has Ian’s team. We sat down with him to talk all things work-from-home and return-to-office, from what to do with unused vacation days, to performance reviews, to what happens when you send…

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A metric that matters (employee turnover)

What does employee turnover mean for your business?

Employee turnover is an expensive indicator of deep organizational issues. It can signal issues with quality of hire, culture, management, onboarding, and any other aspect of your employee experience. 77% of turnover in 2019 was voluntary—which means 77% of employee turnover could have been prevented. To take control of your budget and your culture, you need to get a handle on turnover ASAP. Let’s discuss: How to calculate employee turnoverThe financial impact of employee turnoverPotential causes of employee turnover How to calculate employee turnover Employee turnover is one of the…

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5 steps to connecting performance and compensation - Should-performance-and-compensation-be-connected_-Blog-post.png

5 steps to connecting performance and compensation

75% of companies surveyed by connect performance and compensation. It makes sense, right? Do great work, see big $$ rewards. But performance can’t be boiled down to good/bad, and compensation isn’t just a number.  The connection between compensation and performance is a delicate science. Let’s explore how theythe impact each other, along with five steps for connecting them effectively. Compensation Various factors contribute to your ability to recruit and retain the employees you need to drive your business forward. An important factor is the compensation your organization offers. “In…

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