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Why Vita Mojo chose Bob over point solutions to support their...

As part of their growth strategy, Vita Mojo's People Team looked for a powerful HR platform that could provide them with solid people data for...

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How BigID uses Bob to stay on top of KPIs and boost engagement,...

BigID used spreadsheets and managed HR manually as a smaller company, but it wasn’t sustainable as they grew. The company looked for a powerful...

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People analytics

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What is people analytics?

Why people analytics matter in HR

70% of company executives cite people analytics as a top priority. Here are three ways HR can employ people analytics to make better business...

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Industry Spotligh: Companies going public

Five HR analytics for public companies and those filing for IPO

The long road to IPO requires determination, innovation, and an understanding of these five HR metrics that speak volumes about the health and...

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A tale of mergers and acquisitions with Bob

Nuvei is a fintech company with 950+ employees spread across offices in Montreal (HQ), Scottsdale, London, Tel Aviv, Sofia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and...

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Having trouble with employee turnover? People analytics can help - Understand-your-people-image.png

Having trouble with employee turnover? People analytics can help

Your best chance at boosting retention is in understanding your people better. People analytics uses data-driven insights to help HR do just that....

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All our HR processes start with Bob - Landa-lobby-image.png

All our HR processes start with bob

Landa Digital Printing, a division of the Landa Group, is located in Rehovot, in the center of Israel. The company sought a powerful HRIS platform...

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What’s organizational network analysis? - Organizational-network-analysis-Blog-post-1.png

What’s organizational network analysis?

Are you in the 70% of companies naming people analytics and organizational network analysis as a high priority? If so, congratulations! It’s a...

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Metrics that matter: salary average and salary change - Metrics-that-matter-salary-average-salary-change-Blog-post.png

Metrics that matter: salary average and salary change

We work hard for the money, don’t we? It’s almost impossible to talk about work without bringing up salary. What we’re paid is supposed to be...

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HR metrics that matter: employee growth rate - A-metric-that-matters-growth-rate-Blog-post.png

HR metrics that matter: employee growth rate

In this strange world, where it can feel like we’re treading water trying to stay afloat day by day, it can be hard to imagine planning for the...

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A metric that matters (salary range penetration)

A metric that matters: salary range penetration

What should you be getting paid? It’s a tough question to answer. From the dreaded job application question about your preferred salary to annual...

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