SugarCRM achieves major cost savings of over 15% on software and support expenses with HiBob’s HCM solution ‘Bob’,  boosting financial performance and enabling strategic resource allocation.

New York, US & London, UK – 21 July 2023HiBob, the company behind ‘Bob’, the modern HR platform that powers productivity, engagement and retention, is proud to announce that its valued customer, SugarCRM, has been honored with a prestigious Nucleus ROI Award. 

SugarCRM, provider of the award-winning AI-driven CRM platform, achieved an exceptional 226 percent return on investment (ROI) upon the implementation of HiBob’s innovative Human Capital Management (HCM) solution.

With its small HR team previously operating on a large and complex HCM system, SugarCRM recognized the need for a streamlined and user-friendly HR solution that would enable them to leverage automation, enhance operational visibility, and improve communication across the organization.

HiBob emerged as the ideal choice, offering powerful capabilities while maintaining a strong emphasis on ease of use.

Nucleus Research, a leading provider of ROI-focused technology research and analysis, conducted an in-depth study to evaluate the impact of HiBob’s implementation on SugarCRM’s operations. The findings were remarkable, demonstrating substantial financial gains and numerous operational improvements.

With HiBob’s HCM in place, SugarCRM successfully reduced its year-over-year software and support costs by more than 15 percent, leading to significant savings. This cost optimization not only enhanced the company’s financial performance but also allowed them to redirect resources to other critical areas of their business.

Moreover, the implementation of HiBob enabled SugarCRM to avoid SOC 2 non-compliance risks, ensuring the highest standards of security and data privacy. The robust features and comprehensive compliance capabilities of HiBob’s platform provided the business with peace of mind, protecting sensitive employee information and reducing compliance-related risks.

Beyond financial gains and compliance benefits, the adoption of HiBob transformed SugarCRM’s HR and finance departments, leading to remarkable productivity increases. The intuitive nature of the system empowered employees to accomplish tasks more efficiently, freeing up valuable time for strategic initiatives. By automating time-consuming administrative processes, SugarCRM’s HR team was able to focus on strategic initiatives, further driving the company’s growth.

The implementation of HiBob also had a profound impact on the company’s company culture. With a global, remote-first workforce, SugarCRM recognized the importance of fostering a cohesive and inclusive culture. HiBob’s modern and collaborative features facilitated improved communication, increased transparency, and strengthened connections among employees, regardless of their geographical locations. This renewed sense of company culture played a crucial role in driving employee engagement and satisfaction.

“SugarCRM is committed to helping our customers gain more value from their CRM deployments. That’s why we are so fortunate to partner with HiBob, a company that shares our commitment to fostering newfound efficiency through intelligent automation in Human Capital Management,” said Shana Sweeney, SugarCRM Chief Human Resources Officer. “HiBob is helping SugarCRM provide resilient and responsive Human Resources so that our people, teams and business functions have the capacity to embrace change, thrive and grow.”

“We are thrilled to congratulate SugarCRM on receiving the prestigious Nucleus ROI Award,” said Ronni Zehavi, CEO of HiBob. “Their outstanding achievements in terms of ROI, cost savings, compliance, productivity, and culture transformation exemplify the power of HiBob’s cutting-edge HCM solution. We are honored to be their trusted partner in this transformative journey.”

HiBob continues to revolutionize the HR landscape by providing innovative and intuitive HR and benefits management solutions that empower organizations to achieve their full potential. 

The remarkable success of SugarCRM with HiBob serves as a testament to the platform’s effectiveness in driving business outcomes and delivering a seamless user experience.

About HiBob

HiBob is on a mission to transform how organizations operate in the modern world of work with its HR platform ‘Bob’. Leading the way for the future workplace, Bob offers resilient, agile technology that wraps all the complexities of HR processes into a game changing, user-friendly tool that touches every employee across the business.

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