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Zinc is your essential element for hiring at scale. Request fast background checks in 190 countries.

We’re an all-in-one background and reference-checking software that supercharges the capabilities of ambitious HR and hiring teams. Our range of integrated solutions turns bad to brilliant, saving weeks of team time while building brand love.

100% compliance…globally

Run global, cross-border checks in 190 countries that meet the highest compliance standards.

Checks for every type of business

Our range of off-the-shelf checks are a simple and easy starting point for HR teams. Choose from: education, references, criminal, address, ID verification, UK right to work, media, financial, and sanctions checks.

Easy & intuitive

Collect checks in two clicks from your ATS, then receive results days later.

Save hours of time

Automated email and text follow-ups mean you no longer need to keep an eye on checks.

Candidate experience:

Candidates are highly informed. You’ll both see the status of each check in real-time.

Built to scale

Zinc grows with your hiring needs, creating a consistent process in place to ensure diligence across all roles.

Seamlessly store your background check data in Bob, keeping your employee records up to date with no extra work ? It helps businesses store and manage checks in once place, keeping them up to date with data, security and compliance standards.

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