Partner Overview

Create unique people experiences at scale with Zavvy’s Employee Enablement Platform!

Zavvy (by Deel) is the easiest way to foster performance, culture and well-being. No matter if your team is remote, hybrid, or in-office. 

Zavvy gives you all the tools you need to improve:

  • Retention
  • Productivity
  • Well-being

Rich, people-centered experiences meet smart workflow automation:

  • Automatically assign onboarding journeys, training programs, social events, buddies, development programs, or feedback loops to your people based on smart criteria.
  • Leverage modern delivery channels like Slack or MS Teams to connect and engage people where they are

Key Features:

  • New Hire OnboardingCreate unique onboarding experiences without getting lost in busywork. Combine content, tasks, people, meetings, and more into one automated, yet meaningful process.
  • Employee DevelopmentRun a cycle of continuous development that closes the loop between competency models, development plans, and feedback.
  • 360 FeedbackFacilitate a culture of continuous feedback to help your colleagues grow and celebrate success.
  • TrainingCreate company playbooks or whole courses with an easy-to-use journey builder. Combine content and modern learning formats. Assign on autopilot.
  • ConnectionBring people together for meaningful conversations, walks, or coffee chat to bridge the remote gap and increase bonds.


With Zavvy’s HiBob integration, you can sync new hires and existing employees with a click, or set automatically, and remove duplicative, manual data entry


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