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WorkMotion provides streamlined international hiring, onboarding and human resource management across 160+ countries. No local presence needed. No surprises.

WorkMotion offers leading solutions for modern, mid-sized companies which want to build truly global team.

WorkGlobal: Hire in 160+ countries

For businesses that compete globally, the ability to find and hire talent wherever they are located is becoming critical. Whether you are looking for specific software development expertise or local sales/marketing knowledge for a target market, these individuals may not be located where your company is registered.

WorkDirect: Business registration abroad

Having a global presence is imperative in today’s competitive business climate. While flexible work locations is one strategy employers use to attract key talent for growth, potential direct expansion of the company’s global footprint should also be addressed.


WorkFlex: Authorize temporary work from abroad

Provide the ultimate benefit to your employees: the ability to work from abroad for a specific amount of time. WorkFlex helps your organization attract and retain the best talent by offering a benefit that encompasses the concept of global flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Easily add talent: compliant global talent onboarding
  • Get a quote: total cost of employment calculator embedded on the platform providing real-time costings
  • Countrypedia: knowledge base of country employment information
  • Salary recommendation: salary benchmarking per country + role
  • Dashboard: quick overview of key global talent information

Workmotion’s UI & UX is supremely easy to navigate. Their direct employment (WorkDirect) and temporary work from anywhere (WorkFlex) services are superior to the competition!


HR managers using HiBob can now enjoy secure and seamless employee onboarding experience.

By exporting employee data to WorkMotion platform in the matter of seconds, this integration will save users time and effort and will overall enhance the entire employee onboarding process.

We have planned improvements in our roadmap, such as customers being able to export employee data from WM platform to HiBob i.e. the other way integration, adding more data fields to import and export and so on.

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