Verified First

Verified First is a fast-growing tech company on a mission to deliver cutting-edge HR technology that transforms the way organizations protect their people. 


Verified First offers a range of digitized services via our portal and browser integrations — including background checks, drug screening, employment and education verifications, and I-9 and E-Verify.


Fully automating new-hire I-9’s with the Verified First integration (1) reduces errors and (2) guarantees 100% compliance every time. Not to mention, Verified First is PBSA Accredited, showing our commitment to providing high-quality, compliant products and services to our clients.


Not only is it easy to request I-9’s with the Verified First integration with Tracker I-9 from Mitratech, but with this proven solution users also benefit from:


  • An efficient streamlined hiring process
  • Built-in compliance tools 
  • Expert audit support 
  • Fully encrypted, cloud-based solution that ensures data protection
  • And one of the finest, 100% U.S. -based client care teams


HiBob x Verified First integration:


With no IT support needed, Verified First’s free VF Connector allows users to integrate with their favorite HR solution in less than 15 seconds—saving users time and money.Robust enough to look like an integration—button and all—the VF Connector seamlessly connects to your favorite HR solutions, including HiBob.


  • The VF Connector is a free integration with pay-as-you-go pricing and no annual contracts.
  • Candidate information pulls directly from HiBob to improve data accuracy and minimize paperwork.
  • Users can order a la carte screenings or set up custom packages.
  • Verified First provides the required disclosure and consent forms for FCRA compliance and PBSA accreditation.
  • Users can track verification status at each stage in the process, directly within HiBob.


Our integration makes vetting candidates easy – even for non-tech-savvy individuals! Users can get integrated in three quick steps.


Step 1: Find “Verified First” in your browser’s web store and install and allow the browser extension.


Step 2: Open the VF Connector in your HR solution and log in with your Verified First account.


Step 3: That’s right—you’re ready to begin vetting! Vet employees/candidates through background screening, drug screening, verifications, and I-9/ eVerify. Just open the extension in HiBob, and you’re good to go!


With our solution, users never have to leave HiBob – decreasing the amount of solutions to keep track of and increasing data consistency and compliance.


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