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Playroll’s Employer of Record (EoR) platform brings cost-effective, tactical ease to global talent mobility strategy.

In a few clicks, HR and people teams can hire and pay talent across borders – all without the delays and legal liability of setting up new employer entities. Besides clearing the usual roadblocks to compliantly hiring anyone anywhere, Playroll prioritizes relationship-based, in-house support. Playroll clients can expect entity-free hiring in 170+ countries, supported by just one proactive Customer Success Manager tracking important local trends and shifting context.

Key features:

  • Fully owned employer entities worldwide
  • Global talent recruitment and job-spec matching
  • Automated multi-country payroll compliance
  • Knowledgeable, relationship-based support
  • On-the-ground legal teams worldwide

Playroll’s integration with HiBob allows HR teams to seamlessly and automatically synchronize important data across their HRIS system into Playroll’s global Employer of Record Platform.

The integration helps Playroll Clients see their global employee lists on HiBob and allows for importing of employee data from HiBob directly into the Playroll platform, saving our users time and effort.

This integration also includes a time-based synchronization of all approved time-off requests directly into Playroll’s customer’s account thereby eliminating the need for employees to log requests on multiple platforms. This will save your team hours of extra administrative work and take your journey towards full-automation to the next level.

For Technical Support in setting up this integration, check out this guide!

Clients are also able to reach out to their designated Customer Success Manager, through the Playroll platform or via direct communication channels, for any support that may be required.

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