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Learnster develops the LMS of tomorrow for growing organizations aspiring to achieve maximum learning in minimum time. Involve subject matter experts in the creation of everything from micro learnings and single courses, to onboarding schemes and dynamic training programs. Share with co-workers, partners and clients.


At Learnster, we believe in a world where every day is a learning day.


  • Fast and easy implementation with Employee & Customer Onboarding
  • Digital course material and/or scheduled virtual classroom sessions
  • Innovative ways to motivate your employees
  • Customized Learning Journeys provide relevant opportunities for development for each employee.
  • Self-Driven Development encourages your employees to take ownership of their development. Benefit from Learnster’s inspiring course catalog.
  • Decentralized Learning allows you to share both company information and local knowledge. Follow up on HQ, department or team level.
  • A Learning Portal provides a one-stop shop for both in-house training and external, off-the-shelf courses.
  • A Knowledge Repository lets your organization manage the internal knowledge capital. Distribute internal know-how in a searchable and structured way.

Learnster’s integration with HiBob automates employee onboarding, administration and distribution of relevant courses. Create individual learning pathways and track the completion of mandatory training. Synchronize employee data with user accounts in Learnster seamlessly.

1. Add employee data in HiBob. Enter job role, department, location or line manager.
2. Set up a tailored learning journey in Learnster.
3. A Learnster user account is automatically set up and login credentials sent out. Your employee will now receive customized training!


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