Partner Overview

Founded in 1980, Hogia assists companies in their development by providing them with the right knowledge and IT support and a wide range of industry solutions so that they can develop their operations efficiently.

Hogia’s system consists of several intelligent modules for effectively managing employees payroll, time, expenses, and more.

With the HiBob and Hogia integration, mutual customers can save time and significantly reduce the potential of human error by generating reports in Bob that contain the specific data required by Hogia (no need to manually map the fields and values), and importing the data directly into Hogia’s payroll system.

How the integration works:

Create automated New hires, Changes, Terminations, and Time off reports via Bob’s Payroll Hub, and then either download and upload them to Hogia or send them to an SFTP server.

The data transferred into the following reports (which can then be synced with Hogia) include:

  • New hires: details of people who joined your organization.
  • Changes: updates to personal, employment, or payroll information.
  • Terminations: details of people who are permanently leaving your organization and, therefore, need to be removed from the payroll system.
  • Time off: details of any time off taken by employees during the pay cycle period.


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