Partner Overview

HiThrive is the positive cultural force inside hundreds of organizations around the world. Radiating recognition across the meaningful moments of a team member’s journey, HiThrive ensures that contributions are appreciated, milestones are celebrated, and engagement is rewarded with our dynamic and integrated employee recognition platform.

HiThrive’s customers represent early-stage and hyper-growth organizations to the Fortune 500, with team members in 80+ countries. Join us for purposeful and integrated employee recognition.

Employee recognition reimagined, HiThrive makes all facets of recognition easy, fulfilling, and fun. With a standalone web application and full integrations with the communications platforms that organizations are already using (i.e. Slack and MS Teams), HiThrive bridges multiple platforms to offer the most robust, feature-rich, and easily managed platform available. Enable the HiBob integration to trigger automated celebrations (birthday, work anniversary, new hire announcements) and leverage HiThrive’s rewards marketplace to make each celebration even more meaningful.

Key features: 

HiThrive bridges multiple platforms, including Slack, MS Teams and HiBob, to create seamless + meaningful employee recognition.

  • Efficient values-based peer-to-peer recognition (add points, GIFs, and more)
  • Automated celebrations for birthdays, work anniversaries, new hire announcements trigger celebratory in-platform posts and automatic sends of selected rewards. Fully customized, branded, and optimized for social sharing
  • Spot awards and gifting for managers to recognize life events and team achievements
  • Nomination campaigns with fully configurable elements including information collected, participants, end date, and more
  • Challenges to facilitate wellness and wellbeing initiatives (steps challenge, volunteer hours, etc.)
  • Rewards that are globally available and never marked-up including the full Amazon Marketplace, over 3,000 gift cards, 1.5M+ charities, experiences, and branded swag

Employee recognition as it should be: accessible, meaningful, and fully integrated.

Employee Data will flow from HiBob into HiThrive to empower automated, fully customized employee celebrations.

Birthdays, work anniversaries, and new hire announcements include Bob fields (name, profile image, title, department, milestone celebration years, team member bio) for meaningful personalization.

Use Bob to automatically manage active users and for segmented reporting (manager, department, and location).


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