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The Go1 Content Hub is the largest curated eLearning library from the world’s top training providers, available for a single subscription within a wide range of platforms.


Go1 makes it easy for organisations to learn. How? With over 100,000 resources and growing, you have access to a vast range of topics, modalities, and durations.

This leads to a personalised learning journey, with content styles varying from short vs. long, video vs. text, interactive vs. passive, and more.

With more than 3.5 million learners (and growing fast!) Go1 is a world leader in online learning, helping companies like Westpac, ADP, Tik Tok, Zoom and Qantas, saving time and money by giving them access to training, from providers such as Harvard ManageMentor, SkillSoft, MindTools, Blinkist, UL Puresafety, Vado, Emerald Works, Cegos, whil., and 200+ more.

With Go1 and Bob you can help your team scale up their skills, keep track of who can do what, and sync training within other areas of Bob.

Go1 as your learning solution

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You can use Bob’s Reports module to provision new users to Go1 via an AWS S3 server. This is a one way integration that sends the data from Bob to the Go1 LMS. To integrate with Go1 you’ll need to create a report in Bob and schedule it to be sent to Go1 via S3 as a CSV file.

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