Partner Overview

Gifted provides free and unlimited access to enable organizations to automate and elevate their employee recognition programs. With Gifted, users will have access to the industry’s largest catalog, comprising of 3,500+ gift cards in over 85+ countries, as well as the ability to create their own custom swagshop.

Integrating with HiBob will allow users to connect employee data to automate appreciation campaigns, like birthdays and anniversaries.

Gifted is 100% free to use. Unlimited gifts, integrations and campaign automations with transparent pricing. You just pay for the value of the gifts.

Key features:

  • Unlimited Campaigns and Automations
  • Native HR Integrations
  • Consolidated Reporting & Tracking
  • Advanced User Permissions and Budgeting
  • Multiple Gift Options
  • Human Support

Seamlessly connect your employee data in HiBob with Gifted to kickstart the Employee Appreciation Program for all your people.

Users will be able to;

  1. Set automated gifting sequences for employee onboarding, work anniversaries and birthdays using HiBob data;
  2. Track, view, and export detailed reports based on employee data from HiBob, and
  3. Keep payroll and accounting compliant and up to date with customizable parameters on all Gift and Budget Reports

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