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Compono is a people intelligence platform designed to better match people with work, leveraging people science, data and technology. Using our solution, customers proactively build higher performing teams and cultures. Unlike other hiring solution providers, we start by a mapping your business culture, then use this data to assess, score and rank how well a candidate is matched to a role, and your business. Our technology helps you hire candidates for WHO they are, not just what they are.

By assessing candidates for culture, team and job match at the front end, you avoid spending tons of time with bad-fit candidates, improve speed-to-hire with great match talent, and automatically identify candidates who looked wrong on paper, but are a great match for your business (helping ease talent shortages and mobility).

What’s more, you can use Compono to improve team design and performance, ensuring you’re hiring people that bring the right work personality to balance the team as a whole, and enhance your company culture.

Key features:
– Culture Assessment
– Job Builder & Posting
– Skills and Qualifications Assessment
– Job Match Assessment
– Team Match Assessment
– Culture Match Assessment

Seamlessly find and hire talent that specifically matches your culture and onboard them with ease. Seamlessly sync candidate data from Compono to HiBob to enable onboarding.

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