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ClickTime is an award-winning platform for project-based time tracking, offering support for worked time, time off, expenses, budgets, and capacity planning. ClickTime keeps timesheets simple and makes surfacing key business insights easier than ever. For professional services firms, IT teams, not-for-profits, or any organization managing time and expenses against projects, ClickTime is the ideal choice. Thousands of enterprises, nonprofits, and governments in over 70 countries trust ClickTime.

ClickTime is the only time tracking tool specifically designed to deliver best in class experiences, best in class reporting and data, and best in class service. The right time tracking tool transforms financial and operational data into an innovation arm to power better business results, but this is only achieved with great technology and close collaboration.

Key features:

Employee Time Management Made Easy: Track, plan, and manage time more effectively with a single, user-friendly web-based platform that delivers at all levels of the organizations. Make it easy for employees to enter time and expenses. Make it easy for managers to compare budgets to actual service levels. Make it easy for finance to report on costs by client, department, grant, or funding source. And lastly, make it easy for leadership to forecast the financial and staffing resources that will help the organization thrive.

Performance and Profitability: Quality time data drives better and more informed strategic decisions, and real-time reporting enables better day-to-day management. With ClickTime, it’s easy to understand the true costs and revenue for a given department, client, or project. You can also compare time spent to milestones and outcomes, or set automated budget alerts to learn when you’re approaching budget limits well before you run out.

Integrations and Insights: Review your team’s results through ClickTime’s powerful suite of reports, dashboards, and advanced analytic capabilities. Or, for improved visibility and streamlined coordination, connect ClickTime with your other mission-critical business systems. Our award-winning APIs and out-of-the-box connectors make it easy to connect ClickTime with your favorite ERP, accounting, and business intelligence applications.

With ClickTime’s integration capability with HiBob, accurately track employee time and project expenses in real-time, while reducing manual data entry and administrative overhead by automatically transferring data between the two systems, minimizing the risk of errors.

Best in Class Could Time Platform + Best in Class HRIS = Greater Client Success!

ClickTime’s award-winning APIs are easy to use, creating strong adoption, completion, and data fidelity delivered to HiBob customers. Our core integration reduces errors, streamlines workflows, and improve data accuracy.

Enterprise ready hub & spoke model for time capture: integrate ClickTime to CRM, project management, ticketing, and ERP systems of record.

Technical Solutions Expertise: leverage ClickTime’s no code integration platform for low effort, bespoke integration needs.

Our support lines will be the direct way for any integration questions or troubleshooting.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (415) 684-1180 option 3

Support Hours: Monday through Friday 9 AM – 5 PM PT

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