Partner Overview

Abacum is a leading third-generation FP&A solution that automates, analyzes, and forecasts for strategic impact. Its platform empowers finance teams to become business partners that drive efficient growth by providing them with faster and more accurate forecasting, scenario modeling, and headcount planning.

Key Features:

  • Connect your entire tech stack- Combine data from multiple sources automatically with our integration marketplace.
  • Transform your real-time data- With Abacum, it’s 10x faster to track the metrics that matter and build any analysis with automated data cleaning and enrichment.
  • Model with confidence- Create flexible financial projections and what-if scenarios with multi-dimensional and driver-led models.
  • In-depth scenario planning- Build reliable models with up-to-date assumptions to evaluate potential outcomes at scale. Surface potential risks, make decisions based on data, and execute efficiently for planning cycles.
  • Automate your reporting- Drive 360 visibility with ready-to-use reporting templates, giving you more time to focus on answering those “Why” questions. Drill into numbers, build interactive visualizations, and share automated real-time reports with anyone.
  • Granular monitoring of your business health- Abacum removes the guesswork from BvA and gives you clarity on how to manage departmental performance.


Integrate HiBob into Abacum and scale your Headcount Planning workflow by consolidating it with your financial and operational data in a few clicks.

How it works: The integration comes with a set of standard/default fields but allows you to incorporate additional custom fields to tailor it to your specific needs.

Key integration benefits:

  • A central source of truth for your finance team within Abacum for all financial, operational, and HR data.
  • Simple and quick variance reconciliation by automatically syncing version data or data from the HRIS.
  • Improved scenario planning by combining HR data into your FP&A operation and modeling a range of scenarios based on your business goals.
  • Better headcount processes through robust workflows, permissions, and discussion threads that ensure all stakeholders are aligned on decisions in real time.

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