Streamlined Tracking

Define and edit each team member’s workcycle, and modify information retroactively. Create a detailed attendance report that can be exported to payroll, ensuring timeliness and accuracy. You can also approve employees’ hours, and automatically nudge them to fill in missing info, fix any mistakes, and submit their timesheets.

Total Access

Edit entries, fill in required details, and view complete attendance information for any pay period with ease. Forget something? Simply edit shifts retroactively, as well as clock in/out several times a day. And since this is a fully integrated mobile app, you can log in and out from wherever you are.

Simple? Check. Efficient? Check.

  • Shift from working long and hard on getting timesheets right to working smart
  • Make it easy for on the go employees to clock in and out without missing a beat
  • Elegantly automate the approving, and reporting processes
  • Intuitively track and manage employees’hours