Ready when you are AUTOMATED REPORTS

bob knows that management reports use up time. To save HR teams everywhere from constant report creation, we kept it simple. Choose your report – payroll, salary by department, holiday allowance spent – and define and save it. Each time you want it, bob updates the report with real-time data automatically. It’ll feel like magic.

Report creation for smart people TEMPLATE REPORTS

On average, HRs spend eight hours a month pulling data together to create management reports. With bob, it’s more like eight minutes. Choose a template (or create your own), bob puts in the real time data and you view online or download. You’ve got time for a coffee.

The best kind of filter there is SMART FILTERS

Smart Filters is just that. Filtering. In a smart way. Find out anything from who in marketing hasn’t had a payrise this year to who is up to date with appraisals. bob loves to crunch the numbers.

It really is everything (except doughnuts) TIMING

bob knows it’s all in the timing. When you need to make an important management decision, bob’s there with real time data, reports and analysis. About the only thing you won’t get is a celebratory doughnut – we’re still working on that.