The hub you'll love DOCUMENTS

Your vast array of documents, from employee contracts to company handbooks, are in the system. You can see what relates to whom and who has read what they’re meant to. People have the right information and you have control. It’s all good.


  • Central, secure storage
  • Access is key
  • Easy to assign documents
  • Request read receipts

The one-stop-doc-shop STORE CENTRALLY

bob stores all your people info securely in the cloud for you to find, access and assign from anywhere. This includes docs related to individual employees such as their contract or scans of driving licenses, or general handbooks and policies. Tidy.

bob's data is waiting for you ANYTIME ANYWHERE

bob lives in the cloud but has feet firmly on the ground. When there’s a need for a document you can always get access. A sudden request to check a policy no longer signals panic.

Fast & flexible. Finally! ASSIGN DOCS

Sharing is caring. bob knows that you need the right people to see the right things. Once your documents are uploaded you can assign them by individual or group. New joiners can see the handbook. Individuals have their reviews to hand. Most importantly, everyone can see the Christmas party menu when they need to choose their food.