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HR analytics at your service

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Generate HR Reports Instantly

Save time and make data-driven HR decisions with automated HR analytics.

  • Easy as 1, 2, 3. Select your HR report, define and save it
  • Automatically updated with real-time data. Easily send monthly HR reports
  • Template selection and creation to view online or download for instant HR insights
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Smart Analysis

bob crunches the numbers so you don’t have to. When you need to make an important management decision, bob’s there with real-time data, reports and analysis.

  • Advanced filtering allows you to view any data
  • Analyze company trends and employee status
  • Key people reports for any time period
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How to create a culture of<br>diversity, equity, & inclusion
How to create a culture of
diversity, equity, & inclusion

Central to culture is creating an environment where a wide swath of individuals can collaborate, communicate, and achieve short and long-term goals together. Empowering employees to bring their full selves to work every day isn’t just good for business, it’s just plain good.

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Return to work study:<br>flexibility drives employee happiness
Return to work study:
flexibility drives employee happiness

Our most recent study proves what we’ve already known—flexibility leads to productivity and happiness. Companies must realize that the new normal is here and ensure their policies put people first so they perform at their best.

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