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Take the pain out of payroll

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Payroll Made Easy

This adaptable feature takes the critical employee data already in bob and prepares it for your payroll system of choice.

  • 3 tier Collect, Check, and Connect system
  • bob’s smart data sharing and flexible integration means that your people get paid the right amount on time, wherever they are in the world
Meet bob
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Collect & Check

To start, payroll data is collected and then verified to assure data accuracy and integrity.


  • All your HR, benefits and payroll information are collected from within bob, your one source of truth
  • Employee changes are tracked throughout the payroll cycle so your data is always up to date
  • Approval flows enhance visibility and allow tracking so everyone’s always in the know
  • Visual tracking dashboard helps you verify payroll changes when you’re ready to run payroll
Integrations galore!


Now you’re ready to transfer bob’s Payroll Report to your payroll provider!

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