Modern HR platform for modern business

HR leaders today are tech-savvy professionals and understand that the right HR tech stack can help them power through these changing times. Finding the right tech stack is where this guide comes in.

It’s no secret that employees expect to feel like a genuine part of the company. HR pros know this and are taking the steps to find the right HR tech that keeps employees in the loop—across the globe and from home—with culture, communications, and peer engagement. 

At the same time, the platform needs to be flexible enough to change a process overnight. After all, success today depends on how quickly a company adapts to changing scenarios.

Some companies choose an “all-in-one” HR solution that includes everything (ATS, payroll, T&M, etc.) for their daily/weekly HR processes. The downside? These solutions are designed to support HR in their daily tasks and tend to overlook the culture and engagement that employees crave.

The good news is that modern HR tech (HRIS) can offer a solution for everyone in the organization. But not all solutions are built alike.

Use this guide to determine the primary drivers for your HRIS and keep them in mind while going through the sections and questions. Start comparing UKG vs. HiBob now.

We love Bob’s flexibility. The other HR systems tell you how to manage performance. That was not our objective. We wanted to create and develop skills for leaders and allow employees to have a voice and a dialogue with their managers. Bob gave us the flexibility to do that.
Sonia ClarkInterim VP of Human Resources

When comparing HiBob vs. UKG, ask these questions to discover which HRIS best fits your business.

1. Can the UKG HR system help grow your global, modern organization?

In today’s world of work, business opportunities and talent are often located across multiple offices and locations worldwide. Global expansion is one of the keys to business success. However,  it can be overwhelming for HR leaders to manage. There needs to be a way to handle different holidays, abide by local laws and time zones, and communicate effectively with a more diverse workforce.

Check if UKG can help you grow your global, modern organization.

  • Does it offer holiday calendars and time-off policies for multiple countries?
  • Can you easily navigate across multiple time zones?
  • Does it offer specific news feeds for each office and country?
  • Can it be customized for local best practices or customs?
  • Is tech support available at least 16 hours a day, six days a week?
  • Can you engage with both in-office and remote employees?
  • Does it support hybrid work policies?

Bob does it all – grow your organization

Bob was designed as a global platform that supports the non-traditional organizational structures that characterize today’s modern world of work. Supporting in-house and remote teams in multiple countries while tracking multiple holiday calendars, time-off policies, and currencies is a breeze. Bob delivers a total view across the business with customizable workflows and fields that let you easily adapt to meet local needs and best practices.

Each company site in the Bob platform is designed to be part of the whole company entity while offering the flexibility to meet its own unique needs. Individual newsfeeds with local office and country information, key local statistics, and local company news connect the local employees with the global corporate culture. Even if your business only has one site today, Bob scales wherever and however you grow.

Scale your global HR

2. Can UKG software maximize your employee experience?

The role of HR is no longer about headcount and managing human capital. HR leaders must build a company culture that engages and retains employees and fosters relationships and commitment in today’s employment landscape.

Check if the UKG benefits will maximize your employee experience.

  • Does the UX have an engaging social media look and feel?
  • Can you customize the onboarding workflow?
  • Can you give public recognition to employees?
  • Does it give you a holistic and historical video of peoples’ activities?
  • Does it offer hobby groups and clubs to help people build social connections?
  • Does it include an anonymous reporting tool for employees to voice their concerns?

Bob does it all – remarkable employee experience

The Bob platform was designed to put people first instead of merely tracking or managing human resources. With its social media look and feel, Bob empowers employees, connects them to your company culture, and maximizes their employee experience.

Bob offers a distinct user-friendly UI that builds and strengthens company culture and brings people together to create meaningful professional and social relationships—whether they work in the office or at home. From creating personal social media-style profiles to sharing company news and acknowledging achievements with Kudos posts or Shoutouts, Bob offers a holistic company view that motivates employees and keeps them feeling good about their company and their contribution.

Bob’s Your Voice feature complies with whistleblower protection regulations with an anonymous reporting and management toolkit inside the platform. Employees can feel free to share any concerns in Your Voice with full assurance that their message and identity will be kept anonymous. 

Why customers choose HiBob over BambooHR

3. Does UKG empower managers and employees to be more productive and engaged?

When remote and hybrid work became the new normal, employee empowerment became an operational imperative for HR teams.  Employees needed to become autonomous and work on their own time and tasks, while managers needed to connect and engage with their teams to promote collaboration and discussions.  The right HR platform should facilitate productivity and engagement between HR, managers, and employees, regardless of location.

Check if UKG software empowers managers and employees with productivity and collaboration tools.

  • Can employees get information about colleagues’ and peers’ work status and location?
  • Do employees have a place to go to feel connected to company goals, take part in the culture, and see that their work matters?
  • Do managers have access to 1:1 meeting templates that ease the burden of routine processes like onboarding, career growth, and performance reviews?
  • Can managers set departmental goals for their team members that link to company KPIs?
  • Do managers have timely information and reports about their team’s time-off status?
  • Do managers have attrition indicators to gauge and understand the turnover risk of their direct reports?
Why customers choose HiBob over UKG - Hibob_over_elements3_managers.png

Bob does it all – manager and employee empowerment

Bob helps HR teams tap into the power of collaboration. Employees and managers have one centralized platform for all.

Employees stay informed and engaged with Bob’s social media-like homepage. Go to the people directory for the lay of the land with hierarchy and relationships between people, teams, and departments. Find out more about your colleagues using Club View and sort by hobbies, nationality, gender pronouns, and location. 

Managers are on the frontline with their employees, and Bob empowers managers with the tools and templates they need to connect, gauge, and grow their teams. Manage the entire team in one place by setting goals, reviewing time-off, making smart compensation decisions, and using meeting templates for recurring processes such as performance reviews. 

Bob gives employees a way to join, connect, and grow with the company. 

Bob gives managers a path to grow their people and keep the business running successfully. 

4. Can UKG solve your unique business needs at scale?

No two businesses are alike, and your unique culture needs flexible HR technology to help solve the challenges you’ll face as your company grows and changes. Many HRIS solutions are rigid or offer limited flexibility that cannot sustain company growth or scale over time.

Check if the UKG benefits can solve your unique business needs at scale.

  • Is its core HR functionality customizable to your needs now and in the future?
  • Can it scale with your business to handle hundreds or thousands of employees?
  • Does it support the use of multiple calendars with local national and religious holidays?
  • Can you schedule the production of daily, weekly, or monthly customizable reports?
  • Can it securely store confidential personal information and let you quickly find it?
  • Are there professional services to customize, implement and launch the platform for all to use?

Bob does it all – scale your business

HiBob’s HR platform, Bob, is exceptionally flexible and lets you customize it according to your business’s specific needs with minimal assistance from tech support or professional services. Bob’s ability to handle non-hierarchical organizational structures, such as project teams, makes it easy to manage your people as you quickly grow from a startup to a global enterprise.

Customizable processes, site settings, time-off policies, and workflows allow companies to scale and quickly change their processes as they grow. As a global tool, Bob adapts to support local cultures, including national and religious holidays and workplace customs. In short, Bob delivers what you need, where you need it, and how you need it.

Why customers choose HiBob over BambooHR

5. Does UKG increase productivity and ease collaboration?

The world of work has completely changed. Companies of all sizes are more distributed than ever, with many employees working at home, remotely, or in a hybrid work model. A good HR platform needs to help companies overcome disconnected teams that affect company culture, make people feel isolated, and hinder productivity and collaboration.

Check if UKG will be able to increase productivity and ease collaboration.

  • Does it offer a native mobile app with the functionality most frequently used by employees and managers?
  • Can it smooth the recruit-to-hire process with integrations or support for the top ATS solutions?
  • Does it offer native integrations with Slack and MS teams?
  • Does it offer native integrations with the top five ATS solutions?
  • Does it integrate with Zapier?
  • Does it have an open API for customer development?

Bob does it all – productivity and collaboration

Bob’s integrations with leading third-party applications let you continue working the way you prefer while leveraging Bob’s expertise in maximizing employee experience.

Bob partners with more than a dozen collaboration systems, connecting to thousands of applications through Zapier and letting you quickly develop your custom workflows with our open API. Native integrations with applicant tracking systems like Greenhouse, Workable, and Lever streamline your recruit-to-hire process. Simultaneously, our connectivity to leading platforms such as G-Suite, Microsoft Azure, Jira, Slack, and Microsoft Teams lets you continue to use the tools you like.

Integrate Bob with all your HR tech stack for efficiencies

6. Can UKG streamline your core HR processes?

In dynamic companies, core HR tasks must be efficient and pain-free to save precious time and minimize employee frustration. 

In many companies, onboarding and time management can be time-consuming and repetitive. A good HRIS platform should automate and expedite core tasks that take HR away from more significant impact programs.

Check if UKG will be able to streamline all your core HR processes.

  • Does it offer HR KPIs and talent analytics?
  • Does each employee have a social-media style personal profile?
  • Does each employee have a timeline of their company history and achievements?
  • Is there a dynamic people directory for grouping and sorting people by expertise, hobbies, and more?
  • Is there a native tool or application for assisting with managing employee compensation and payroll?

Bob does it all – streamline your core HR

Bob streamlines core HR processes by automating and simplifying approval cycles with just a click. New team members feel welcome and quickly bond with your company’s culture, values, and people through a streamlined, customizable onboarding process. Flexible views of the company’s people directory help new and veteran team members better connect professionally and personally to others.

Simple HR requests are quickly solved for employees while freeing HR to focus on higher-level tasks. Time and attendance are easily tracked via desktop and mobile, in addition to Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Optional surveys let you closely monitor employee sentiment changes while HR KPIs and people analytics deliver ad-hoc and pre-set reports with metrics that let you continuously improve HR performance and maximize employee experience.

Bob also puts all your payroll data in one place. Payroll Hub is a centralized dashboard that automatically updates accurate payroll data in real-time. Visual tracking, notifications, pre-configured integrations with most payroll systems, and flexible payroll cycles allow you to increase payroll data accuracy and efficiency.

Core HR and so much more with HiBob

Why choose HiBob over other HRIS solutions?

When comparing Bob to any other HR platform, it’s clear that Bob is the right choice for dynamic and fast-growing companies. 

Bob’s culture tools connect employees worldwide, creating a great employee experience—wherever your Bob’s culture tools connect employees worldwide, creating a great employee experience—wherever your people are.

  • Bob puts people first with culture tools that connect in-house and remote employees.
  • Unique and innovative UI has a distinctly non-technical, fun, social media feel.
  • More enjoyable and intuitive to use than other HRIS solutions.
  • Bob creates a welcoming environment that inspires people to build great working relationships and keeps them connected to the company, whether they work in a corporate office or a home office.
  • Unlike other systems, Bob’s implementation and daily usage are intuitive and don’t require hard coding or technical knowledge.

HiBob recognizes that some of the most painful company processes for employees can be related to HR tasks.

  • Bob’s UI, automated processes, and integrations with leading third-party tools ease administrative tasks for everyone across the organization
  • Bob makes even the most mundane work tasks pleasant, intuitive, and engaging
  • It’s not just for HR admins, but for the whole company: managers, employees, leaders, everyone!
AlgoSec grew from a small, family-oriented company to a global company, and we had to drive much faster. HR needed a more robust infrastructure to support our growth and provide us with reliable people data.
Rinat KuperExecutive VP of Human Resources

Download the PDF here to get a checklist of the questions.