Fast-growing companies need fast-growing HRIS solutions

If it’s increasingly difficult to manage your HR tasks, it’s a sure sign that your company is growing. Whether you’ve realized that Excel sheets aren’t the best way for HR to onboard and manage employees, or you’ve outgrown a legacy system, there is indeed a better way. Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), also called Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), were designed to help you manage your company’s growth and its team members.

But not all HR solutions are built alike. Growing businesses require a flexible system to meet your specific needs today and help you build a successful company in the future.

When comparing Hibob to BambooHR, ask these five questions to discover which HRIS best fits your business.

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1. Can BambooHR maximize our employee experience?

The role of HR is no longer about headcount and managing human capital. In today’s employment landscape, HR leaders need to build a company culture that engages and retains employees and fosters companionship and commitment.

bob can do it

The bob HRIS platform was designed to put people first instead of merely tracking or managing human resources. With its social media look and feel, bob is designed to empower employees, connect them to your company culture, and maximize their employee experience (EX). Customizable onboarding workflows let you welcome new joiners to the company with introductions to key people and bits of corporate culture—even before day one—to help them quickly feel at home and minimize first-day jitters. 

bob offers a distinct user-friendly UI that builds and strengthens company culture and brings people together to create meaningful professional and social relationships, whether they work in the corporate office or in the home office. From creating personal social media-style profiles to sharing company news and acknowledging achievements with Kudos posts or Shoutouts, bob offers a holistic company view that motivates employees and keeps them feeling good about their company and their contribution.

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2. Can BambooHR help grow our global, modern organization?

Business opportunities and talent are often located in multiple corporate offices and home offices worldwide, especially in our COVID-altered new normal. 

bob can do it

bob was designed as a global platform that supports non-traditional organizational structures that characterize today’s COVID-19 workforce. Supporting in-house and remote teams in multiple countries and tracking multiple holiday calendars and currencies, bob delivers a total view across the business with customizable workflows and fields that let you easily adjust bob to meet local needs and best practices.

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Each company site in the bob platform is designed to be part of the whole company entity while offering the flexibility to meet its own unique needs. Individual newsfeeds with local office and country information, relevant key local statistics, and local company news connect the local tribe with the global corporate culture. Even if your business only has one site today, bob scales as you grow, wherever and however you grow.

Hibob vs Bamboo

3. Can BambooHR streamline our core HR processes?

In dynamic companies, core HR tasks need to be efficient and pain-free to save precious time and minimize employee frustration. In many companies, onboarding and time management can be time-consuming and repetitive. A good HRIS platform should automate and expedite core HR tasks that are a frequent source of dread.

bob can do it

bob streamlines core HR processes by automating and simplifying approval cycles with just a click on the web or mobile. An intuitive UI eases arduous tasks as the complicated forms of yesteryear become a faded memory. New team members feel welcome and quickly bond with your company’s culture, values, and people through a streamlined, customizable onboarding process. Flexible views of the company’s people directory help new and veteran team members better connect professionally and personally to others.

Simple HR requests are quickly solved for employees while freeing HR to focus on higher-level tasks. Time and absence management are easily tracked via desktop and mobile, in addition to Microsoft Teams and Slack. 

People, teams, and tribes will no longer need to reach an “unresponsive” employee who takes personal time off.  Optional surveys let you closely monitor employee sentiment changes while HR KPIs and talent analytics deliver ad-hoc and pre-set reports with metrics that let you continuously improve HR performance and maximize employee experience.

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4. Can BambooHR solve our unique business needs at scale?

No two businesses are alike and your unique culture needs flexible HR technology to help solve the challenges you’ll face as your company grows and changes. Many HRIS solutions are rigid or offer limited flexibility that cannot sustain company growth or scale over time.

bob can do it

The bob HR platform is exceptionally flexible and lets you customize it according to your business’s specific needs—with minimal assistance from tech support or professional services. bob’s ability to handle non-hierarchical organizational structures such as “tribes” makes it easy to manage your people as you quickly grow from a startup to a global enterprise.

Customizable processes, site settings, time-off policies, and workflows allow companies to scale and quickly change their processes as they grow. As a global tool, bob adapts to support local cultures, including national and religious holidays and workplace customs, such as sharing shoutouts or personal announcements—or not. In short, bob delivers what you need, where you need it, and how you need it.

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5. Does BambooHR increase productivity and ease collaboration?

2020 has been the most dynamic year of the 21st century to date. Companies of all sizes are more distributed than ever, with many employees working at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A good HRIS needs to help companies overcome disconnected tribes that affect company culture, make people feel isolated, and hinder productivity and collaboration.

bob can do it

Our integrations with leading third-party applications let you continue working the way you prefer while leveraging ‘bob’s expertise in maximizing employee experience.

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bob partners with more than a dozen collaboration systems, connects to thousands of applications through Zapier, and lets you quickly develop your own custom workflows with our open API. Native integrations with applicant tracking systems like Greenhouse, Workable, and Lever streamline your recruit-to-hire process. Simultaneously, our connectivity to leading platforms such as G-Suite, Microsoft Azure, Jira, Slack, and Microsoft Teams lets you continue to use the tools you like.

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Why choose Hibob over BambooHR?

When comparing bob to BambooHR, it’s clear that bob is the right choice for dynamic and growing companies. Not just because bob excels in culture tools and connecting employees throughout the world to their global companies, but because bob was designed first and foremost to create a great employee experience—wherever you are.

bob puts people first with culture tools that connect in-house and remote employees. Its unique and innovative UI has a distinctly non-technical, fun, social media feel. This makes bob more enjoyable and intuitive to use compared to BambooHR and other HRIS solutions. Bob creates a welcoming environment that inspires people to build great working relationships and keeps them connected to the company, whether they work in a corporate office or a home office. And unlike other systems, Hibob’s implementation and daily usage are intuitive and don’t require hard coding or technical knowledge.

Hibob recognizes that some of the most painful company processes for employees can be related to HR tasks. Bob’s UI, automated processes, and integration with leading third-party tools ease administrative tasks for everyone across the organization and make even the most mundane work tasks pleasant, intuitive and engaging—and not just for HR admins.