LeoVegas is an enterprise organization specializing in gaming, online casinos, and sports betting, with more than 1,000 employees of multiple sub-companies spread across 14 sites located in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

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1000+ in 14 sites
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Mobile gaming
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LeoVegas is one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial companies in the gaming industry. With over fourteen global sites and numerous sub-companies and acquisitions, LeoVegas is in the running to lead the global mobile casino market.

1000+ in 14 sites

What they do
Mobile gaming

“We wanted to become more data-driven, and we realized that having all the data on an Excel spreadsheet was not the best option.”
Paula GeraHR Business AssociateLeoVegas

In 2019 the organization committed to implementing an HRIS that would help each site’s HR team streamline processes, particularly performance management.

LeoVegas’ primary concern when choosing an HRIS was access to, and consolidation of, data. With so many different sites and organizations, HR was struggling to synthesize data and formulate insights. They were in the market for a tool that would make information available and transparent, simplifying analysis and saving significant time.

To extract data simply and efficiently, they needed a more robust tool.

In addition to efficient data management, LeoVegas was ready to upgrade its performance management process. Their multi-step performance review cycles, which are closely tied to compensation, had become unwieldy without a centralized hub. Bob presented the single source of truth that LeoVegas could rely on for managers to keep track of their people and their progress. LeoVegas implemented Bob in April 2018 after a three-month guided implementation period. The responsiveness of HiBob’s customer success team to LeoVegas’ needs and feedback has helped LeoVegas stay on top of their data and performance needs to achieve success across all levels of the organization.

LeoVegas’s workflow integrations

The challenge: uncovering HR insights

LeoVegas’ executives were knocking on HR’s door, and they had one thing on their mind: data. HR representatives from all fourteen sites routinely found themselves scrambling to provide detailed reports, causing two problems:

  1. Without a simple way to crystallize insights and analyze data, the HR team couldn’t create data-driven action plans.
  2. To advocate for a more vocal seat at the table, HR needed to bring detailed reports and analyses to the C-suite regularly. Without a way to consolidate and understand data, however, this was a near-impossible task.

On top of that, LeoVegas had an issue they needed to address: turnover was rising, and HR didn’t have the insights required to figure out why. Managers and executives needed access to insights and reports, and Excel spreadsheets weren’t cutting it.

The solution: instant access to real-time reporting

Using Bob, LeoVegas’ HR team had access to the insights they needed to answer executives’ questions. Paula estimates that using Bob, HR was able to create reports in 20% of the time it took before implementing Bob, leaving them more time to focus on developing company culture and communication practices.

HR was pushing to have more significant influence with executives, and working with Bob gave them that opportunity. Producing more thorough reports and sophisticated insights for the C-suite helped HR show the impact of programs they were driving.

HR was able to cut down the amount of time spent communicating routine employee data, such as time off and sick days, by over 90% using Bob’s automation functions. Having once used spreadsheets to manage this data, providing monthly reports was an endless, painful process—with Reports; however, it could be completed in a few clicks.

Bob’s Reports module allows HR to produce detailed reports with a few clicks without parsing spreadsheets and documents.

The challenge: running performance management cycles

Performance management at LeoVegas is a year-long, multi-step process. Kicking off in February, employees work with managers to set long- and short-term goals based on departmental and organizational needs. From April through October, managers host 1:1 goal-oriented meetings, culminating in a formal meeting and performance review in October/November. In December, HR and managers would crystallize the insights drawn from these reviews to make compensation decisions effective in January, right before the process kicks off again.

Before implementing Bob, this process was managed using spreadsheets—an ineffective, disorganized system that kept managers and HR from making data-driven large- and small-scale decisions. Working this way was exhausting and unsustainable.

The solution: efficient and centralized performance management

Bob’s Performance module gave LeoVegas’ managers and HR the tech backbone they needed to enhance their review processes.

Functioning as a single source of truth for everything performance-related, Bob created an online, cloud-based home for documents that once had to be printed, chased down, and signed off by hand. Using Bob, HR has cut down the time spent on performance management significantly.

The Bob solution

For an organization dispersed over so many locations and countries, implementing a unified HR system was critical for HR success.

LeoVegas’ HR team was able to use Bob to:

  • Draw insights from previously-inaccessible data that helped them advocate more successfully for programs and changes they wanted to implement
  • Provide insight into important company information and people analytics
  • Streamline yearlong performance management cycles for more effective decision-making at managerial, HR, and executive levels
  • Provide managers with monthly attendance reports, helping them manage vacation time and sick days for their people

After implementing Bob, LeoVegas’ HR team is able to:

  • Share insights 80% faster
  • Provide attendance reports to management 90% faster

Working together with Bob, LeoVegas built a communication-forward culture for their teammates that prioritized data-driven decision-making and efficiency.