It’s no secret that one of the biggest concerns for HR professionals and business owners today is retention. We decided to delve into this topic a bit further to understand what’s really at the heart of the issue and the best way to tackle it.

Our recent benefits survey of over 4000 employees and 500 decision makers, taught us that:

  • 72% of employers feel benefits are crucial for talent retention – but only ⅓ offer more than minimum benefits
  • 80% of employers see retention as a primary concern
  • 41% of employees see benefits as a key factor when choosing employers
  • Employees are willing to give up (on average) 11% of their salary to benefits

These findings inspired us to offer our clients an integrated, simple and efficient way to offer perks and benefits to their employees – and Perkbox, a company with very similar values and ambitions to ours, seemed like the perfect partner.

The Perfect Match

Perkbox believes that happy and engaged employees perform better and stick around for longer – which is the exact ethos the Bob platform was built on.

Perkbox has created a platform that services the whole employee experience and helps build happier, more productive company cultures  – where employees feel genuinely valued and cared for in and outside of work.

When this approach is added to the employee engagement experience that Bob focuses on – the partnership becomes an unrivaled holistic HR solution.

Ronni Zehavi, CEO and co-founder of HiBob said: “We have been looking for a partner in the perks and experiences space for some time but we will only partner with a company that shares our culture and values, and our mission for transforming companies’ relationships with their people.

“We give our clients the power to put their employees at the centre of their business, understand them, and build a culture that retains the very best people. Thanks to this integration with Perkbox we can now deliver experiences that will enrich  both the work and personal lives of our client’s team members making them feel cared for and valued.”

Perkbox’s benefits platform, covers the full spectrum of employee wellbeing from the financial to the physical and the emotional. Users of the platform receive unlimited access to discounts and freebies from hundreds of big name brands. The new partnership provides an additional level of people-inspired resources to HiBob’s proposition.

Saurav Chopra, CEO and co-founder of Perkbox said: “This is our first major product integration and we’re delighted that it’s with HiBob. At Perkbox we’re strong advocates of organisational success and the quality, integrity and retention of employees is absolutely key to this. This means understanding those employees; what they want and what they need – and HiBob’s capabilities in this space are market leading”.

We’re thrilled to partner with Perkbox on our shared mission of facing retention concerns head-on through the power of perks.

To learn more, check out our featured coverage on HR Technologist and TechRound.

For any questions regarding our partners, feel free to contact us.


From Hibob

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