We’ve all been placed in a digital position that requires video chats instead of conference room meetings and virtual pilates over in-house yoga. However, remote culture is what you make of it and when you’ve plotted your perfect work from home routine, it isn’t a total drag. You get to wear what feels comfortable and your pets are glad you’re home, right? 

Still, it can be hard to escape the COVID-blues. We’re all in this together, and bobbers are also kickin’ it quarantine style! So, this month – we want to share how we work from home and remain connected to our own remote culture: 

Creatures of habit

The “perfect” schedule is subjective. Not everyone is a morning person, and not everyone does the best work at night. Working from home, especially while isolated, means creating a routine that works best for you and it might be different than a traditional 9-5 structure. 

Shayna Hodkin, Lead Copywriter, likes to keep her schedule as similar as possible to her pre-quarantine days; “Something I’ve learned about developing a successful WFH practice is that it’s really important to maintain a consistent, regular schedule, so I do my best to sign on at the same time I’d usually get to the office. To protect my productivity and work time, I block off 1-2 days per week for heads-down work so I won’t fall victim to “meeting creep”—and the context switching that comes with endless meetings.” 

Aviv Hasson, Backend Developer, is a parent navigating this hectic COVID-period, so her routine is a bit more complicated. She says, “Since the kids are at home as well, I’m trying to lock myself in my temporary working space (AKA: the bedroom), close the door as soon as I can after our shared morning routine, and get most of the job done until lunchtime. It usually works, but one day at a time.” Nimrod Goldberg Gesher, our Senior Support Engineer, is experiencing a change of pace; “I start working significantly earlier now that commute time and morning corridor chats are gone. Only a cup of coffee and brushing my teeth stand in my way when starting my workday.” 

Pajamas vs. pants

Ah, the old pajamas or pants debate. Surely, a lot of people in quarantine are enjoying the freedom that comes with comfortable clothing, while others believe that dressing for success is the best way to ensure productivity. So, how do our bobbers feel about Pjs vs. pants? 

Senior Account Executive, Alisson Chaigneau, is one of those who dress for success! She explains, “I have to be dressed up as usual! A teacher at my previous university once said that the clothes you wear actually change the way you perform, so I’m sticking to it (but I’ve ditched the make-up!)” Shayna agrees, stating “I always get dressed! It’s how I divide my work and not-work lives. Although it’s important to note, my work-from-home pants are a lot stretchier than my work jeans. Leggings are WFH appropriate.” 

On the pajama side of the spectrum, we have Nimrod advocating for work-from-home Pj parties, exclaiming “Pajamas are my best friends! I have now 2 Pj outfits: one for video meetings – more elegant (wink face emoji) – and the ‘no one can judge me’ outfit for when I’m alone.” Adir Nashawi, Product Manager at Hibob, is on Nimrod’s team; I love my pajamas! I’ll tell you a little secret – it’s like being a television host who reads the news: I have on a nice t-shirt, but keep my sweatpants on below.”

Home office hacks

A home office workspace is crucial to quarantine success! It’s important to be comfortable and supported, both physically and mentally. Your desk might be decorated with trinkets and gadgets or perhaps it’s free of clutter to keep your mind a bit clearer. bobbers like to stay true to their personal style and blend in with their homey backgrounds.

Adir describes his workspace as his home desk with his computer, trackpad, and a comfy chair, “but I like to go around and change where I sit along the day, so I find myself having brainstorming sessions on the couch, writing docs in my home-garden, and having my conference videos at the desk.” For his home office, Nimrod has “converted the dining table to a workspace – mouse, keyboard, and a widescreen. I admit that from time to time I wander to the balcony or the sofa, where I actually tend to think of the best work-related solutions.” 

Alisson has her own musical recommendations for those who can’t work in silence; “I work on my couch, with my laptop on my legs (so far it works). With my partner being a musician, there is always sound in the house. If you’re into listening to music while working, I can highly recommend playing anything from the Cercle channel on Youtube – it’s a series of DJ’s playing in unusual places, so you get the travel factor, much needed when you’re on lockdown.” 

WFH: Love it or leave it 

You either love working from home… or you absolutely hate it. There is no in-between. However, there are individual aspects to like and others to dislike. Adir’s favorite part of the day is… “Cooking! I finish the day making lunch for the day after. And sure, petting Bruno my charming big dog.” Aviv has two favorites, and she says “both are super great: one is to be able to get a shower in the middle of the day instead of at midnight. The other thing I find enjoyable is to get out ALONE with Luna (my dog) for a walk. Just me and her.” 

Shayna takes great precaution to make sure working from home during quarantine doesn’t put her in a bad place;Working from home can be really isolating, especially working with a team that I’m used to seeing face-to-face. It can also be really hard to stay on a regular schedule—at the beginning, I really struggled with not snacking 24/7, and also with signing off at a normal hour. There’s no “packing up and going” when you’re working from home, so it’s important for me to remember to put my computer to sleep and walk away from it once I’m finished up for the day.” 

Last minute tips from us to you

bobbers really do know best when it comes to working from home. After all, it is an essential component of the future of work. And, that’s what we’re always preaching, right? From us to you, we have a few last-minute tips to get you through this challenging time. 

Alisson suggests Try to spend your free time doing creative things and learning new things. Don’t get trapped. Your brain will get fried, especially as we are all stuck inside. Take a few moments during the day to catch up on the news, but don’t just sit and watch the markets fall, don’t look at the numbers in real-time. We all feel powerless in these moments. Planning the future while staying calm is the only way to go. It might feel ironic as we are all alone in our homes but we’re all in this together – we’ll beat this together!”

Shayna’s best tip is “Don’t work if you’re sick!!! Don’t work if you’re sick!!! Don’t work if you’re sick!!!” And, she adds, “Take the time to check in with your friends; everyone is feeling lonely and isolated, and we all need to feel taken care of. Also, if you’re itchy to get outside and you’re feeling healthy, now is a great time to adopt a dog.” 

Finally, in the words of Nimrod… “Don’t forget to breathe!” He continues, “When people work from home they have a tendency to forget to do anything but to work. Get a cup of coffee, have a snack break, and schmooze your pet from time to time.”  

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Stephanie Stevens

From Stephanie Stevens

Stephanie is Content Marketer at Hibob. She has a background in Clinical Psychology and Crisis Management, and enjoys abstract painting and watching horror films in her spare time. She believes that people can connect with themselves, their peers, and the world around them through creative writing, helping them foster a deeper sense of self and their life goals in the process.