Reports are a critical part of the HR function.

However, creating Reports is a nightmare because you have to pull lots of data from lots of sources and make it all talk to each other.

We’ve simplified this.

How do we make reports easier?

    • All the data you need is one place.
    • You set up the reports you need once.
    • These reports are then updated from live data.
    • And you can even set they up to report automatically at a specific time and sent to a specific person.
  • So from Phone lists, payroll changes, holiday overspends, salary increases… everything is automatic!

Reading this could easily save you 12 hours a month!!!

Never lose a Sunday to reporting again

We know that reporting is an important part of the HR function of any business. You need to know information about your team, and you probably have to share it with other managers in the organisation on a regular basis.

One of our customers told us that she would lose a whole Sunday every month getting the regular reports ready for her company’s monthly management meeting. That’s not how anybody should spend their weekend, but the good news is that bob Reports mean that she’ll never lose another Sunday to HR reporting, and nor will you.

Save any search as a Report – and have it sent out, automatically!

Any search that you run in the People directory can be saved as a Report, which you can then schedule to be sent on a regular basis to different people in your organisation.

For example, if you want to share an updated phone list with everyone in the company, you can set it to be sent to everyone every month.

Or, you need to provide a monthly roundup of leavers and joiners for your management team. You can run that, and have it sent to you every month and be ready to present the information at your next management meeting.

Just about any type of Report from the information within bob can be selected, saved, run on a regular basis and sent to the people who need it.

Ready made Reports to start you off and save you time

We’ve even created a set of common Reports that are ready made in your account and waiting for you – all to save you time and hassle.

Some of our suggested Reports are:

    • Details of all your employees
    • Contact lists of all employees
    • New joiners (this month or next month)
    • Leavers (this month or next month)
    • Employee financial details
    • Salaries across the company
    • Key people who haven’t had a salary change
    • Contractors payments
    • Salary changes this month
    • Address changes this month
    • Financial changes this month
    • Time Off Report (who’s been off when, and why)
  • Payroll Reports (formatted for payroll providers)

You can use these Reports as a basis to create your own, by filtering the information in them even further or you can start from scratch and create a Report yourself. Either way, it’s super easy.

Reports are easy to find and set up

Here’s how you can create your own hassle-free Reports.

  1. Go to the search field in the ‘People’ tab, next to this you’ll find the ‘filter’ button, with advanced search functions.
  1. Use the search functions to filter your data, ready to save as a Report. Select on of these three ways to slice your information:
    • Quick filters. This allows you to screen between active, inactive and all employees. The default view across the app will show you just the active employees, unless you edit this in the filter.
    • Saved views. This lets you select from the list of previously defined or saved Reports. Our current Reports also work as “views”, a combination of any filter you have selected, together with a specific order/selection of columns.
  • Advanced filters. This allows you to select any data field and choose a condition or a rule for it. For example, you can ask bob to show you all the newcomers for the coming month [new joiners] [next month].

Additionally, you can play with the column selector to see as many fields as you want at one time. In the example below – we are filtering by employee interests.

  1. When you have the information you want in your view, click the ‘save’ icon to save the view as a Report, and give it name.

4. Your saved Reports will be automatically saved under Reports -> My Reports.

Scheduling Reports

To create a Report schedule , go to the Reports section and select the “Scheduling” tab at the top of the page, and follow these simple steps:

    1. To create a new Schedule, click on the “New Schedule” button and follow the instructions that appear.
    1. Type a title for your schedule (this will also appear on the email subject sent out to recipients).
    1. Select recipients, either from bob’s internal employee list, or  simply type any valid email address.
    1. Select the Report or Reports you would like to schedule.
    1. Select the frequency you would like the Reports to be sent, by either selecting a day of the month, a week day, or a daily occurrence, as well as the time of day to be sent (this relates to your local time zone).
    1. If you would like the file sent to be encrypted, type in a password.
    1. Select the format you would like the Report to be sent from CSV, XLS or PDF.
    1. If you selected more than one Report, tick the checkbox if you would like to merge them into a single file (not applicable in CSV format).
  1. Then you can either save the scheduled Report or save and run it immediately.

Managing Schedules

You can activate/deactivate schedules by using the toggle on the left of each title.

Clicking on a title will open the schedule history, where you can view and download the last three Reports sent.

Editing Schedules

To edit, click on the “Edit schedule” link at the right of the schedule. You will get an edit dialogue similar to the “Add new” dialogue. Once you are done editing any of the parameters, press save.

You can also run the schedule immediately using the “Run now” button and finally, you can delete using the “Delete” button.

Scheduled reporting in bob is swift and painless. Try it out, get the most out of bob.

Want learn more about Reports?

  • There’s lots of how-to info in our help centre.
  • You can also book a full demo with our Customer Success team. Just call 0203 865 0258, use our in-app messaging tool, or email, and we’ll get you booked in.

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From Tamsin Fox-Davies

Tamsin Fox-Davies is the Small Business Evangelist at bob (, and spends her time sharing ideas & best practice around SME HR & HRTech. You can find her on Twitter (@tamsinfd), at her desk, or curled up on the sofa with one of her four dogs and a mug of hot chocolate.