Watch on-demand: Workforce planning demo webinar - Marc Douch
Marc Douch
Talent Acquisition Manager
Watch on-demand: Workforce planning demo webinar - Carol Fairlie
Carol Fairlie
HRIS Analyst
Games Global
Watch on-demand: Workforce planning demo webinar - Will Smith
Will Smith
Manager of Sales Engineering

Workforce planning can be tedious, complicated, and labor-intensive. Much of the work is manual and, in most cases, not data-driven or measurable. Bob’s Workforce Planning module simplifies the process so business leaders can work efficiently while engaging and collaborating with internal stakeholders.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Bob helps you move away from the complexity of manual forecasting and streamline your workforce planning, as we dive into this key feature of the Bob platform that will help you with:

  • Cost reduction
  • Maintaining business continuity
  • Talent retention 
  • Flexibility 

And hear from our customer Games Global about their decision to choose Bob.

Don’t miss out—by investing in workforce planning, businesses can position themselves to weather the economic downturn and emerge stronger when the economy recovers.

Thank you!