Retaining talent in 2023: How to inspire productivity during a downturn


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Retaining talent in 2023: How to inspire productivity during a downturn - Rony Seamons
Rony Seamons
Chief People Officer formerly at AMPLYFI
Retaining talent in 2023: How to inspire productivity during a downturn - Nora Stark
Nora Stark
Product Marketing Manager HiBob

Save costs by investing in talent

According to Forrester, the average cost to replace an employee is 50-200% of the role’s annual salary.

Retaining your top talent is especially important in uncertain times. It’s now crucial for your organization to maintain productivity and meet business goals—for the HR team and everyone in your company.

Join this exclusive webinar for HiBob customers as we discuss:

  • Retaining talent while optimizing the budget in an agile work environment
  • The importance of talent management and how it impacts retention
  • Helping leadership make informed decisions using data and insights from Bob

Get more value from Bob’s Talent Management module

Join us to see first-hand how to get even more value from Bob’s Talent Management module. Product marketing manager Nora Stark will demonstrate the ways Bob’s talent module helps you:

  • Maintain productivity and meet business goals
  • Prioritize your people’s career development and internal mobility
  • Ensure your top performers are getting the recognition and resources they need to succeed

About our speakers:

  • Rony Seamons, formerly Chief People Officer for AMPLYFI, was integral to the company’s organizational scale-up. He brings over 15 years of experience in leadership and coaching from his previous role leading the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Programme at NatWest, where he worked intensively with over 400 businesses to help them scale.
  • Nora Stark is a Product Marketing Manager at HiBob. She’s responsible for launching many features, including the Talent Module. With her background in psychology, she’s fascinated by the world of work. She’s worked in content and product marketing roles at small to medium-sized startups over the past ten years.

Looking forward to seeing you there!