Reinventing Your Organization – Leadership (R)Evolution


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Reinventing Your Organization – Leadership (R)Evolution - Michele Zanini
Michele Zanini
Author of Humanocracy Management Lab
Reinventing Your Organization – Leadership (R)Evolution - Pat Caldwell
Pat Caldwell
COO FundApps
Reinventing Your Organization – Leadership (R)Evolution - Victoria Bradford
Victoria Bradford
Head of People Operations Funding Circle

As we inch closer to a post-pandemic world, many business leaders realize that the “return to normal” is unchartered territory. Not surprisingly, most companies are experimenting with hybrid and remote work models, which requires re-thinking, re-aligning, and re-planning for scalable, robust, people-first strategies. So, how can the HR leaders ensure internal alignment to drive employee wellbeing and engagement at all stages of the journey?

Watch our session at HR Congress – World Summit, Reinventing Your Organization – Leadership (R)Evolution, where Michele Zanini, author of Humanocracy, Pat Caldwell, COO at Fundapps, and Victoria Bradford, Head of People Operations at Funding Circle, discussed:

  • The roles of leadership and HR in the new normal, and what needs to change
  • The future of work and how to align internal teams to deliver successful people-first plans
  • The indicators and metrics to measure success