Creating more inclusive workspaces for non-binary employees


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It is currently estimated that up to 40% of trans people identify as non-binary, meaning they do not identify as either male or female. While acceptance of trans individuals is improving, both in legislative and cultural spheres, non-binary individuals face particular challenges in the workplace that are unique from other LGBTQ employees.

Promoting non-binary inclusion and understanding across your business benefits both employees and employers. The proactive implementation of sensitivity practices in the workplace can combat ignorance and aggression, moving not just businesses but society as a whole towards fully accepting non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals.

So how can you get started in your business? Hear Madison Butler, Founder of The Blue Haired Unicorn, Michael Delaney, Head of Talent at Humanforce, and Shannon Kelly Tratnyek, Senior Recruiter at ThoughtWorks, discuss how to create a culture of support for non-binary employees. They’ll cover: 

  1. Selecting HR tech tools that accommodate non-binary individuals
  2. Introducing non-binary pronouns into your company
  3. Creating policies that move the dial in non-binary gender inclusion
  4. Training managers on inclusive recruiting and work practices