How to make the best first impression


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A successful onboarding program is the first step to happy, productive employees. Research shows that organizations with better onboardee experiences see an 82% increase in new-hire retention and a 70% increase in productivity

To maximize the potential of all your new hires from the start, avoid stressful first days and, most importantly, cultivate an inspirational environment, you need to have a strategy in place.

So, when — and how — should you begin?

What are the actual benefits for your business?

What has changed in the last year? How can we maintain onboarding processes remotely that accomplishes the same goals as before? 

Hear our expert panel Alyx Gilham, People and Culture Partner at HiBob, Martin Ullström, HR at Teamtailor, Vedran Ismaili, CEO & Co-Founder at Typelane, Mats Stegemann, People and Culture Manager at Exsitec and Mathilda Welin Brook, Global Talent Project Manager at Fenix Outdooring discuss how the little touches can make a big difference.