How to foster and prioritize inclusion for a diverse workforce - Nikita Solberg
Nikita Solberg
DE&I Advocate

Increasingly, employers recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in recruiting and retaining the skills and talent they need. It has proven to add substantial value to an organization, contribute to employee wellbeing and engagement, and drive growth. Although organizations understand the benefits of diversity, many still struggle to create an inclusive culture and workplace.

Watch our session at Diversity & Inclusion Conference, How to foster and prioritize inclusion for a diverse workforce, where Nikita Solberg, DE&I Advocate at HiBob discussed:

  • How to outwardly prioritize diversity and inclusion
  • How to build a diversity and inclusion committee
  • Ways to create a remote culture of recognition, as recognition can help drive inclusivity. 
  • Top trends when hiring global teams and onboarding them remotely
  • Tips for building better employee-manager relationships while promoting a sense of belonging

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