How to build employee wellbeing programs that boost productivity


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Wellbeing is the bedrock of success, performance, productivity, engagement, and creativity. Now more than ever, it’s HR’s responsibility to pay attention to and support employees’ physical and mental wellbeing—no matter if they’re in the office or working remotely. 

How can you ensure you’re supporting employee wellbeing with the right programs and company culture? Watch Shiran Yaroslavsky, CEO at Cassiopeia, Karthika Baiju, Head of People at Vitamojo, Shauna Moran, Founder & MD, Operate Remote, and Thomas Forstner, People & Talent Lead at Juro, as they discuss: 

  • How to manage and prioritize employee wellbeing in-office and remotely
  • Defining (or redefining) how your organization measures productivity
  • How to identify and act on productivity drains
  • Choosing tech for increased productivity and employee psychological safety