Gen Z at Work: How engagement shapes retention

22 February |5.30pm | Hotel CBD, 52 King Street, Sydney

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HiBob and Strivin are delighted to bring you Clink, Connect, Learn – our meetup series in Australia that helps you find connection in your community and tackle the ever-changing People & Culture landscape.

Join us in our first event as we talk about Gen Z in the workplace.

We find ourselves in a unique era of work. Never have we had such a wide-spanning multi-generational mix in the workforce, and never have the needs of each been so different. Gen Z will make up 30 percent of the workforce by 2030. With this new generation of employees comes new expectations, preferences, and motivations. So, how can organisations accommodate all this, plus the needs of others? Our speakers will discuss:

  • How to effectively manage multi-generational teams
  • Understanding the key drivers and motivators of Gen Z
  • Providing clear paths for professional growth
  • Driving collaboration and aligning values across generations

📌 Club Bar, Hotel CBD, 52 King Street, Sydney

📆 Thursday, 22 February

⏰ 5.30pm